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slow fps in notebook

hey i have a notebook with an i5 and the HD3000 Intel graphics and its not fully playable. the fps are low and i had to set all the settings to very low quality.
It's that okay? -- Cause In the store page requirements it says "Shader Model 3 Compatible video card" and i think the HD3000 can handle that, or not?
Anyone having the same problem??
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Broken Haiku
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While the HD3000 does handle up to Shader Model 4.1 and is pretty decent for an Intel integrated graphic card, it is likely the CPU is going to have to handle the huge fill rates required for this type of game and it's just not up to par. After all, it is a notebook.

I realise this isn't any help, what I am saying is that this might just be expected on the system you have. While it _can_ run the game, the performance will suffer. All you can do is limit the number of processes running in the background and make sure all your drivers are up to date.
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