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Mr. Rodgerz
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Dead Rising 2 crash

I have the original Dead Rising 2, not OTR.

I get to about the last 10 sec or so of the opening game and my game will start to lag and about 15 sec after it starts to lag it will freeze completely. After it freezes several minutes later the game will crash.

I have tried lowering the setting to the lowest settings, I have also tried different video card drivers to see if that would help. I have adjusted my sound settings to the lower frequency like many posts say will help and it didnt help me. I have also re-installed the Windows Live client to see if that would help like some other posts have shown, but alas, still nothing. I have re-formatted my hard drive and completely re-installed windows.

One thing that I have been finding odd is after the game crashes I will try to verify the game files cache integrity and it seems that it loses 12 files every time, I'm not sure why it does that. When Steam puts the files back in, the next time I start the game Windows Live acts like its the first time I've played it and wants to verify my game.

Here are a couple of the crash reports that are saved in my Dead Rising 2 folder:

Exception Handler (Nov 15 2010, 14:02:05)
SymInitialize returned error : 8


Exception: Access Violation (00AB1087)

Heap(0): C 74464 / 74463 W 4194303 / 4194303
Heap(1): C 1025 / 1025 W 4194303 / 4194303
Heap(2): C 54 / 53 W 4194303 / 4194303


Exception Handler (Nov 15 2010, 14:02:05)

0x7799893d: RtlIntegerToUnicodeString
0x7799893d: RtlIntegerToUnicodeString
SymFromAddr returned error : 487
SymFromAddr returned error : 487
SymFromAddr returned error : 487

Exception: Access Violation (77998C39)
>77998C39: RtlIntegerToUnicodeString+764

Already handled exception - halting. (new exception = Access Violation)

PC Specs:
Windows 7 Professional
Processor - Intel i7 x 980 extreme 3.33Ghz
Ram - 12 Gigs 1333MHz
Video card - Radeon HD 5970
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