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Question changes from oblivion to skyrim?

May any of u guyz mention and include all of the small and big details from oblivion and skyrim and please let me know if there were any good or bad changes made...thank you
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No Attributes - bad;
Good faces for NPC - good
2 weapons finghting/casting - good
No spellmaking - BAD
Perk system - good
Even more idiotic interface - bad
Short quest lines - REALLY bad
Awesome nordic environment - EPIC WIN!!!11111
More adequate leveling - good
Added crafting - not bad, but could be better
Lockpicking from Fallout 3 - adequate
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Overall, Skyrim is a lot easier to learn and a lot simpler (potionmaking, for example, has a tutorial and a fairly simple menu system), and is tons of fun. It's more beginner-friendly, but the simplification might turn off advanced players who enjoyed twisting and abusing the game mechanics. Here are some other changes:

Graphics, of course, are WAY better. Maybe not the best out there, but still pretty incredible.
Leveling up is a lot simpler - Once you've gained a level, you can level up at any time (even mid-combat). Each level gives +10 Health, Magicka, or Stamina (your choice) and also your choice of one "perk", which is a bonus for one of your skills (ranging from "+20% damage with 1-handed weapons" to "Fire spells automatically cast fear"). The more levels you put into one skill, the stronger the perks get.
Also, enemies in general don't scale nearly as agressively to your level (and some don't at all), so gaining levels makes most battles much easier rather than harder.
Built-in Steam mod support. Yay!
Enchanting is simplified, so it's easier to use, but not as min-max-y (no more Drain Life 100 pts for 1 sec, for example).
Spells are much less varied, so it's easier to figure out which ones to use, but there's no spellmaking.
Shouts! They're like powers, but with much shorter cooldowns and, well, you can kill people by literally shouting them off a cliff. Really fun.
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