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Question Which to play?

So i am going to play an RPG here in the next little bit. I have copies of The Witcher EE (first game) and this game installed but not yet played. Which game should be first? Anyone played both that can offer an opinion?

I have played and loved TW2 so am leaning towards TWEE. But I hear good things about this one.

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Well I enjoyed the TWEE a large amount when I first played it through. Though it's quite different compared to TW2; combat wise. But overall the story is great, if you can handle the combat then you should enjoy it.

Haven't played much of Divinity 2, though it does take a little while for it to get to any decent point, but both are enjoyable. If anything start whichever one you want to play; or can play, first.

If it was me I'd lean towards The Witcher though.
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They're definitely quite different, and TW1 is even different from TW2 so that makes it even more complicated. It's a bit like asking whether you should have a burger or pizza first, there's no real comparison you can draw between which is better than the other. TW1 is a lot more about planning, formulas, and talking to NPCs, while Divinity 2 is more closer to the traditional structure of an older RPG where there's a heavy mix of combat in with questing and exploration--TW1 doesn't have a ton of exploring but that's because it focuses on other things mostly.

So in the end it's completely up to you. Both games have a learning curve to get to a point where things start getting good. Personally I thought it took longer in TW1, but that's just my stupid opinion.
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