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Is this a joke..?

I can't believe someone just charged me 25.00 for this "game". I have never asked for a refund from Steam before, but they should be giving them out for this piece of trash!!
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The game is great! try playing it! Its a challange and fun as well!
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I think it is great also. I made it to Chapter 3. Wild battle at the end of Chapter 2.
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challenge you say like earning a destoyer in the Training then finding yourself in a pile of junk with almost no means at your disposal to upgrade or buy a newer ship and the fact that when you do scrape together enough cash to buy that mining laser or upgrade a system or two you get dog piled by enemy ships. If thats your meaning by a challenge you can have it....

I uninstalled the game and then i remembered hey I have a level 62 toon in BSG online so I went back to that, going to take awhile to get the feel of that game but its free to play.....
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