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IDS/Newton accelerating

Hello all. Im very new to this game, still learning about many things before I dare step into the multiplayer fray. One of the things I was wondering, and could not find an answer with a quick search, is about accelerating/decelerating. Mainly about how there are two sets of controls. Im playing with kb and mouse. It would seem to simplify things A LOT if I bound both IDS and Newton throttle controls to same buttons. Then I wouldnt need to move my hand all the way across the keyboard in order to maintain control. It just seems so stupid, but maybe Im ovelooking something. What is the advantage in this way? Any cons in binding these in the same W+S buttons?

edit: Oh, it seems what I was planning is not going to happen because the game detects a bind conflict. Even if there is no conflict at all, because these are operated in different modes. sigh...

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What I do is assign the inertial forward and reverse keys to the w and s keys. Then I can just use the number keys above if needed when IDS is on.

What you describe is being looked into now buy the developer. I hope what he has planned is the ability to change what the key does based on if IDS is off or on.
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