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Red face Controller debacle

So, how much time do we have to wait until getting some smarter community folks that don't goes "hurr i have a x360 controller this game dont need any other control type durr"?

Anyone that had played on PC for more than 38 seconds knows that complete controller support is part of the most basic of the basic of game options configuration.

So please stop all the "you should buy the x360 controller" nonsense because this is a thing, no one should be obligated to buy any peripheral. At least not in the PC platform, that always had as trademark good freedom of choice between, amongst other things, types of controlling peripherals.

I was thrilled by the premise of this game (a somewhat Flatout spiritual successor with insane track customisation) but after coming here and seeing it lacks a astonishingly basic thing as proper controller support (not this x360 controller bull), i've then decided to not buy it until it has.

And don't come with this ridiculous xinput nonsense, other controllers should work OUT OF THE BOX in this game, as it always was with PC games.

PC ain't a console, wake up.
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Cannot agree more.

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Agreed, generic controller support and configuration is an unseperatable aspect of PC gaming.

It seems to me that the push towards dumbing down input configurability to give monopoly to Xbox controllers is not given by stupidity of Bugbear or other developers.

It is just Microsoft's politics.

Just like it prevented spreading Linux on the Mobile phones by hijacking Nokia for forcing an unneeded Windows Phone 7 on mobile users.

Same happens here in PC gaming: Microsoft will bug us with these dumbed down console ports until it has reached its goal: making aware PC (new) gamers that what they in fact wanted and needed is an Xbox.

Now for the countermeasures:

My vintage mid-nineties Sidewinder 3D Pro Vintage racing stick just works.

Steering - check
Boost Button - check (button 3 or 4)
Camera change button - check (button 3 or 4)
Rear view button - check (one of the base buttons)

Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro
-precision thanks to early digital design
-short movement circle, ideal for racing
-great design item , women magnet.
-Microsoft up your 4ss... they thought they could kill it by stopping support and moving to USB? Not a chance http://descentbb.net/viewtopic.php?t=15526
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First thing I did is to switch my Logitech F710 game pad from xbox mode (XInput) into native mode (Directinput) and then use x360ce to redefine my controls as wanted.

The is only one thing that I stumbled over and that is that not all x360ce flavours run smoothly - my first try with x360ce vibmod failed (game crashed).
I had to use another one recommended in this forum (have to search and add later).

After that I'm happy with the controls (same configuration that I have in Blur e.g. PowerUps is now POWER/BOOST and drift is also the same)

*edit* OK, found. It was in this thread

You have to use that x360ce emulator:
XBOX 360 Controller Emulator (with x360ce Library 32bit

from here:

(file: x360ce.App-

With that one it works perfectly.

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Originally Posted by khaotikbr View Post
PC ain't a console, wake up.

So, why are you hooking a controller up to a pc?
To make it emulate a console?

(jk. I couldnt resist the temptation)
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