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In multiplayer there will be 5 countries - France, Britain, Russia, Germany and Austro-Hungary.


Men Of War WW1 is a project meant to tell the untold story of one of the bloodiest wars in the history of mankind - The First World War. Based on the engine of a well known strategy game (Men of War) this project will take you through the entire war in 5 large-scale single-player and coop campaigns - you will experience deadly landings at the batlle of Gallipoli, the famous battle at Verdun, the first tank battle and many more important events of the war.

Here's the link to their steam group.


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How is there the battle of Gallipoli but no Aussies? Perhaps they aren't playable? Guess that means you play as the brits thru that one. I know it's a mod but I hope it's not just all brits. Sounds really freakin' cool though. Can't wait.
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Sounds cool

And yes, how can you do Gallipoli without Anzac troops!
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I would prefer that they use MOWAS engine instead. It is more updated and the control is better
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