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Supreme Commander Multiplayer

Don't know where else to put this since Supreme Commander doesn't have its own forums.

Any chance people will be playing online? And does the matchmaking thing in the game work? Or should I be using some over software. Last time I went multiplayer on it I seemed to remember having to install this over software...can't for the life of me remember its name.

I know with SC2 (both of them) people have other rts available but I think Supreme beats its sequel and Starcraft2 is just too high skill for me. People are already so good on that.

EDIT: GPGNet was the software. I just reinstalled it to see if anyone was on that but it keeps telling me it can't connect. Have those servers been taken down?

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If you want to play multiplayer, there are generally hundreds of players online at any given time using FA forever (faforever.com). It is a multiplayer lobby made by the community, but it is better than GPGnet by many measures. GPGnet was recently taken offline, never to return (THQ made the decision, not GPG). So, FAF is your best bet for multiplayer.

Technically you could use the "matchmaking" button for Steam supcom, but you will rarely find games to play this way, but there are usually ~3-5 games up on FAF when I check.
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Unless you have friends that play FA, and these same friends are afraid of FAF, use FAF. FAF is compatible with both versions of FA (ie, the digital copy, and the steam store version).
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