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Lightbulb Disciples 3 REAL steam achievements list

After spending hours looking for help with achievements all I found was bugs and posts by some loser who just copied the steam page. How is copying the cryptic desciptions available at http://steamcommunity.com/stats/Disc...I/achievements a cheat or hint? Here its called Plagerism.
Here is a PROPER hint list:

Gold earned
Money-Bags 90,000
Rich Man 50,000
Pauper 10,000
Just keep hitting end turn until you collect enough. Also counts resources spent

Damage caused
Destroyer 50,000
Strategist 10,000
Sage 1,000
Just kill everything in sight.

Invincible 5%
Veteran 30%
Training Dummy 70%
Seems a bit buggy as in you need to lose enough battles before it will even start registering. In fact it looks like you need to lose over 5% before being able to achieve these. Guess someone mixed up < and >

Dungeons explored
Tomb Raider 15
Adventurer 10
Curious 2
You can re-explore dungeons after a few turns

Fog removed
Great Explorer 90%
Explorer 70%
Traveler 50%
Not really achieveable without using the level 5 spell "Holy Light"

Healer 50,000
Doctor 10,000
Quack 1,000
Get your acolyte working and upgraded to heal all wounds

Distance travelled
Wanderer 500
Wayfarer 200
Walker 50
Bugged! In act IV I only mangaged a score of 5? Can be triggered but not sure how to achieve. Editing bronze condition to 1 in Steam\steamapps\common\disciples 3\Resources\Profiles\achievements\long_way.achieve ment will show results at least.

Spells Cast
Archmage 30
Wizard 15
Wizard Apprentice 1
Spells cast from spell book on the world map

Mana collection (Earth, Fire, Life)
Guardian 90,000
User 50,000
Collector 10,000
Just keep hitting end turn until goal reached. Used resources count towards total.

Potion use
Abuser 50
Taster 25
Abstainer 1
Buy a pile of small healing potions, get in a fight, and drink them all, even if no healing needed.

Master of Destinies 30
Solicitous 15
Fatalist 5
Only ressurections performed in towns, after building a temple, will count. Get beaten up but make sure at least one unit escapes to head back to town. Best to use dungeons as surface armies will attack on their turn

Stone collection
Quarry Owner 90,000
Stone Merchant 50,000
Stonemason 10,000
Just keep hitting end turn until goal reached. Used resources count towards total.

Territory captured
Conqueror of Peoples 90%
Conqueror of Cities 70%
Conqueror of Villages 50%
Achieved by converting land to your factions type, by capturing towns and focal points. As they upgrade, more area is captured. Problem is mountains and water cant be captured so 90% is not really possible. Can be fixed by editing the Steam\steamapps\common\disciples 3\Resources\Profiles\achievements\territory.achiev ement file. Drop all 3 values by 20-30.
It is possible to get a score of 70% or more on some maps, but not all.

Hero Hire
Commander 5
Leader 3
Loner 1
Just recruit 5 leaders in towns. No need to outfit/use them.

Architect 90%
Builder 70%
Mason 50%
Double bugged! Building 16 structures (maximum possible) only gets 9%. Editing Steam\steamapps\common\disciples 3\Resources\Profiles\achievements\buildings.achiev ement will trigger the achievement in the game, but wont unlock it on Steam.

Game loads
Brave 1
Careful 3
Coward 5
No idea at all about this one. Editing Steam\steamapps\common\disciples 3\Resources\Profiles\achievements\game_loads.achie vement doesnt seem to work.

Armies killed
Merciless 90%
Warrior 70%
Pacifist 50%
Bugged! No idea how to trigger. Score is percentage of the armies on the world map that have been killed.
Steam\steamapps\common\disciples 3\Resources\Profiles\achievements\unit.kill.achiev ement is the related file

NOTE: Results are calculated for each mission individually, no accumulating scores.
Earning the gold will also give bronze and silver (so no need to play a mission drinking only 1 potion).

Anyone know anything more, please throw it here.
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Thanks for posting this, it helped me unlock quite a few achievements. For the distance traveled one, I put 5/10/15 and it unlocked for me in act 4, I moved some distance with my other leaders too maybe that had something to do with it?

Have you had any luck unlocking the building, armies killed and game load one? I'm having trouble with those and also the defeats.

edit: From my experience for the potion achievement, your dudes actually have to be hurt for the healing potion to count, I found out the hard way. Maybe its better to use one of those stat booster potions instead?

Also the dungeons explored one, it looks like you can retreat from the dungeon and it will still count. So instead of clearing the dungeon and waiting 10 turns, you can get it faster by retreating and trying again every turn.

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thank you
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I was able to get the unit kills and game loads by setting it to 2/1/0 for bronze/silver/gold. Still having trouble with architect and defeats one, seems pretty bugged. Note: that you have to restart the game after you edit and saved the files for it to work.
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shame so many were bugged, also shame they never put the achievements in place for Resurrection. Lets hope the revamped versions are released soon
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Thank you for this guide! Saves me from further frustration. D3's sloppy production quality is such a disgrace to the prequel
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