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upgrading items is a joke!

i just bought 5 weapon upgrades and added 10k rt to my account. i did all 5 upgrades put destroy and downgrade protection on it 4 outta 5 times. the 1st 4 times got no improvement. 5th time i had no more rock funds. i got a downgrade. are you kidding me! thats the dealbreaker for me. screw this game its a joke. im done. uninstall!!!!!!!!!
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This should help with that problem. The protections are only worth it after 4. They're apparently fantastic at 5 and 6.
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"I'm playing an F2P game, and instead of learning how the weapon leveling system works, I heaved money at my screen and hoped it would make me an unstoppable killing machine."

That's all I read in the OP. As the fellow above me said, you shouldn't be paying real money to get your weapon up to level 4-5. I've personally gotten a weapon to level 5 many times by only using BP, and I even got to level 6 once without spending a single cent of actual money (7 is the highest level).

Also not sure if troll, but oh well.
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I spent 50K Bp but i got a +7 its very very useful =P
The point is you dont quit on things even tho it seems impossible you keep on pushing foward.
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