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Seriously fun game, but 1 critique

This game is seriously fun.

But, what is with the mouse aiming?
Its like there are only 8 points to aim, and all the rest of the points in-between just jump to the higher or lower point automatically, making the mouse seem jerky.

Think of it like this.
Combine + and x (overlap them).
The mouse only seems to be stable at those 8 points.

Other than that, very fun game.
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Can't count how many times this got me killed in the later levels on Insane. Those flyers are the worst. You put your cursor right on the thing, but gun just locks on an inch off target, forcing you to kind of fan the mouse a bit to make a bit more of the shots hit and hope to find a sweet spot where it becomes consistent. It's got some kind of wacky auto-aim going on.

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Well, I also hate, that there're only 4 or 5 types of levels, which repeat from one adventure to another. Looks like developers were too lazy to create more.
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my only issue has been the responsiveness of the controls, mainly during the robot overlord where you're forced to do some platforming very quickly or you face instant death

otherwise its a great game
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