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Is this game good?

Considering this forum hasn't had any thread since last year, I thought I'd make one.

Is this game good? I'm considering buying it, but don't know if it's worth the $40 or not.
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Hi. I just finished this game this morning. It can be finished in 5-6 hours. It is a linear 3rd person stealth or action game whether your gameplay style is. Think of it as a simple version of Splinter Cell. The action especially vehicles are trouble-some. It is hard to see where to go. Especially driving on ice which has water holes all over the place. hard to tell if it is ice or water.

If you are a James Bond fan, then you could like this. It has original story and not based on any of the movies. You fight a couple of villians and their numerous minions.

But if you don't care about James Bond movies, then you might not be interested in a simple linear third person shooter which this game is.
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I agree with Ozgeek

1° Quantum of Solace
2° Blood Stone

Blood Stone is more or less like a sequel.

Obviously this game is for James Bond fans (I'm one of those).
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Old 04-15-2012, 11:37 PM   #4
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(Bumping because of sale)

I liked JB: Nightfire and I LOVE this game(Never liked "Quantum" for some reason).

Buy it if you enjoy a good Bond game. If you don't... Well... Not sure, maybe its not the game for you.

For me, it was very entertaining. Don't have loads of time to play so it took me a week to finish the game. Gameplay is varied. First you sneak then you shoot and another moment you chase a car(Ugh...)
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I enjoyed this game.
I purchased it at launch but just re-installed and am replaying due to the sale reminding me.

If you like Bond then this game is a great play as the story is pretty decent and it has some nice Bond moments.
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Old 08-05-2012, 04:47 AM   #6
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I am playing the game right now and I am enjoying it very much. I think I am half way through. Graphics are good, I run everything on maxed settings. The gameplay is simple, I like that. Cutscenes are also looking good. Story is Bond-typical. If you like the Bond movies with Daniel Craig, you might enjoy this game. I didn't have a problem with the driving parts until now, but this driving on ice is coming in the next level I think. Will see.
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I finished it one hour ago. I played about 3-4 hours. Blood Stone is much better than Quantum of Solace. The gaming magazine reviews criticized the driving missions. I like them, well the controls and the drifting weren't that great, but it offered Bond feeling. The ending is a cliffhanger and Activision will not bring a sequel this year. 007 Legends seems to be a Best of all James Bond movies (Connery, Brosnan, maybe Craig). Well, the Craig movies are also cliffhangers, but in a game I never liked it. Overall Blood Stone was worth every euro, I had more fun with it than with Modern Warfare 3 or Crysis 2. Congratulations Activision, you made a good job with Blood Stone.
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