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Jagged Tooth
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If you could make your own content you could download hundreds of free maps for games. Then they couldn't sell you maps for $15 each.
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Originally Posted by lazy6pyro View Post
Not necessarily if the grass is greener in other pastures. You cannot compare what a community was willing to do in 2003 compared to 2012, as there's simply so many more options now. I mean there are already people that decompile new games for the purpose of piracy or cheats, so why haven't the tools formed or even a blip on the radar? The answer is that the juice isn't worth the squeeze.
They're also not at all related. Decompiling a game doesn't get you nice source code, it doesn't get you organized and packaged libraries. It gives you the identifiers for variables that get stored in memory and the machine code for what happens to em, so that when you want to create a "God Mode" for yourself you more or less look for the line that shows the "HP" value decreasing, comment it out, and try recompiling. At no point in that, however, was one capable of getting the textures or models or shaders out of decompiling the binaries. And if you get people trying to access the textures/models/shaders, they certainly aren't trying to hack the game because modifying your textures won't do you any good, you're closer to making a mod.

You're comparing apples to oranges.

Why would any budding technical artist (the ones who script plugins/shaders/ect ect) choose to work with say a FB2 source when there's not much market for it in comparison to hopping onto the UDK/CE3 train that have exponentially more support? I mean UDK even has entire university programs starting to center around it, and is branching out beyond gaming.

I saw it first hand in the CnC community with CnC3 and even RA3. EALA did do an adequate job in creating an SDK and even provided source art assets to establish the set up, but time and time again people were driven away due to perceived complexity or because they couldn't figure out how to run a batch compiler.
Of course, these games still have their own communities pumping out mods. I also "saw it first hand" with Skyrim, which hadn't released any authoring tools but people were still importing their own items.

Why would they bother doing that instead of running around with the unreal development kit? Because making a mod is more than just proving you know how to use the tools. Any half-decent computer gamer can pick up the unreal development kit, or start making source mods, and go hog wild. And that budding artist will get no one to play his Unreal 3 mod but his friends, because that community is filled to the brim with mods of every flavour. The one who mods a game that is current and popular will get more people to play it, and if the game in question doesn't even offer authoring tools, his Mod will have a greater chance to shine.

In the end though, it's not even about all that. It's about taking an existing fun game, and putting your spin on it. You don't join a modding community because you want to mod. It's because you enjoy a game and wish there was more content for it. Well, in some cases, the only thing stopping more content creation is yourself.

You also have to understand that the popularity of these games also has a large influence how much of a modding community you had available. Command and Conquer was dropping in popularity ever since the first Tiberium Sun and Red Alert. I wouldn't be surprised if their community was lackluster - though it's not entirely their fault. CnC was one of the defacto RTSs up until that period in the late 90's. Then you got Age of Empires and Starcraft coming out which just started applying more interesting formulas.
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I remember modding Red Alert 1 & 2 and Tiberian Sun was perfectly possible. I even made several single player campaigns for those games.
Ah the memories...
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Protip: Just because the developer does not provide the tools, does not mean their games can not be modified.

Just look at some older games as an example. Fallout 1 & 2 didn't have any tools to modify them put out by Black Isle/Interplay, yet there are tons of mods for the games.
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