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Originally Posted by RagingLoon View Post
Sold! This review will help you if you're on the fence!
Both pretty fun platform game, levels and concepts get a bit repetative and boring near the end, but def. worth the few coins it does now.
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I would recommend this game, it's a lot of fun and great for just jumping in and playing away for a while. The game is a wee bit easy but the addictive gameplay and humour will make you forget that as you'll want to give another level a go and keep going.

Well done to the developers a nice looking, polished piece of fun.
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It's an enjoyable platformer with some clever ideas, albeit a bit on the easy side.

The biggest flaw in my eyes is not the gameplay, that's solid and polished enough, it's the graphics or better the way they are presented:

It's "locked" into a 720p (1280×720) window (!) and there is no real full screen option that I'm aware of
All one can do is stretch the window to one's own resolution, which doesn't render the 3D at that resolution but just makes the result jaggy, blurry and generally terribly unpleasant to look at.

EDIT: Apparently there is a well hidden fullscreen option (settings utility inside game's folder incomprehensibly not linked to from the Steam client), 1280×720 is still the maximum resolution and it still looks blurry and generally bad even in full screen because of it.

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Thumbs up Devleopers

I have to at least comment, while I haven't bought the game (am thinking about it) and do see some error reports in this and the Cloning one, it's nice to see the developers at least paying attention to customers. The jerk developers who did Capsized won't respond to emails.
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