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Exclamation Lunar Flight Reviews

Curious but want to read some opinions first here is a selection of Lunar Flight reviews for you perusal.

Rock Paper Shotgun Impressions
Quote: "Alongside the delicacy of the simulation, Lunar Flight’s great achievement lies in its aesthetics."

SimHQ Review - No Score Given
Quote: "Lunar Flight wraps an enjoyable physics simulation in an approachable and fun package."

games.on.net (Internode) - No Score Given
Quote: "...there’s an attention to detail here that goes above and beyond what I’d expect from an Indie title..."

Impulse Gamer - Score - 9.1/10
Quote: "I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, look and feel of Lunar Flight."

IGN DE - (German) - Score - 8.5/10

The Examiner - Score - 4/5
Quote: "Several missions turned into several hours and before I knew it, I’d sunk a lot more time into Lunar Flight over the course of an evening that I’d realistically intended to initially"

pikiGEEK - Score - 4/5
Quote: "I spent more time playing this than Mass Effect 3 over the past week."

Voigtkampf - Score - 4/5
Quote: "Lunar Flight is an awesome, fun simulator that deserves a chance to settle in your hearts for good."

Metagem - (Croatian) - Score 4/5

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