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The controls take some getting used to, I actually had to RTFM which is pretty wierd. But it doesn't take several playthroughs to learn =) It's just a fabulous game tho, once you get used to the completely insane control decisions they made

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Thelly Rem
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Using a keyboard is definitely better than trying to use the mouse scheme you can activate in the options.

Keep the following things in mind:
Whenever you level up, you get learning points which you can use to train your skills,stats and weapons at various trainers.
Ore is the currency.
You can't block animal's attacks, rely on overwhelming them and learning their strategies before you try to kill them.
Being outnumbered is bad, avoid being outnumbered.
You are weak as jarate in the early levels, I suggest that you join the Old Camp as it is easier to do than joining the New Camp or Swamp Camp.
If you have raw meat in your inventory you can use pans to cook it, increasing the health it gives you, every time he puts meat on the pan you get one roasted meat, so just keep spamming.

Raw Steel + forge fire = glowing steel
Glowing steel + anvil = glowing blade (Requires a hammer)
Glowing Blade + Water Bucket = blade.
Blade + Grindstone = Crude Sword, a fairly strong beginners weapon, but you do need 20 strength to use it and you start with 10.

And nope, it wasn't programmed to be a bad game, it's just a bit inaccessible by the standards of today but I picked it up fairly easily, may be because I'm apparently a quick learner according to some people.

EDIT: Trading works exactly like the trading of Fallout 1 and 2, that means that if you want to sell someone an crude sword, you put the crude sword into the trading interface and it will say something like "100" at the top.
Now you can choose wares from the trader to a total value of 100 ore nuggets, or you can just take ore nuggets.
Just remember this: Getting the ore is not automatic, first time I traded with someone in the game I accidentally gave them wares for 1000 ore.
Use ctrl+E to add one item from a stack into the trading thingy.

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Originally Posted by thepassengersep View Post
I appreciate the response jiminator. I purchased Gothic 2 off of GOG and look forward to playing it after I beat Prey (just felt the urge to pick it up and finish it ). However, based off what you said I will pass on the expansion and just play the original. Thanks for the mouse tips as well.
The expansion is the best part of the Gothic series.
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G1 might look bad for a person who tries to play it in 2010. Especially because of the controls, which are unique, not console friendly "bash teh triagle nao" It's not idiot friendly too; no tutorials. You feel alone and you need to survive, the way that this game makes you play is incredible. It's not hard on a level that you can't finish it or be so angry to uninstall it, still it needs you to be dedicated and take the challenge it puts in front of you.

If you are a true PC gamer, there should be no problem. If you are used to button mashers and one hour tutorials before the true gameplay - it's certainly not a game for someone like you. Try idiot-friendy Arcania (no, I'm not insulting you, just stating the fact, how lame and easy Gothic 4 is in eyes of a true PC RPG gamer).

Many TPP RPG fans from 2002 still loves Gothic I for the way it is and some even find it one of the best in genre. First two Gothic games are simply incredible unique and very climatic.
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what is the button to pick items up!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been trying to figure it out of an hour!! please help me!!!!!
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ctrl + arrow keys, or maybe left mouse + wsad
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Originally Posted by tulkassa View Post
what is the button to pick items up!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been trying to figure it out of an hour!! please help me!!!!!
It's the same as any other "activaion" button. "Mark" it by pressing the first mouse button and execute the action by pressing W.
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Calling Gothic 1 out for this is seriously unfair, this game is older than Morrowind. The only real comparison it had back then was Ultima IX.

In any case, everything this game did back then was revolutionary. The controls definitely aren't considered to be perfect, but the game was a lot of fun.
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In fact, the controls were awesome. Gothic was pretty much the first really big RPG of the time frame which went away from the Baldur's Gate control style.
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I do agree the controls was very good, even for managing the inventory, but even for its old time they was very atypical because they was keyboard oriented, not a smart choice when more standard controls for its time would have work as well.

But instead of Gothic 1 I suggest to play Gothic 2 + Night of the Raven (or the bundle which is Gothic 2 Gold). Still similar controls but overall the game is quite more deep and better.
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I know this thread is kinda "old". But I'd like to bump it up, 'cause I just started Gothic 1. Thats an amazing game, at first I was kinda lost with controlls.. then I realized the kind of game and fell in total love. I was missin' the real PC rpgs.
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Let me suggest for everyone who is new to gothic to use keyboard only, no mouse
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