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Thumbs up Credit where credit is due

last night, I was one of the people who was unable to play due to the "still logged in" bug. I emailed support and overnight, they sorted my account and it seems to be staying sorted.

This morning I was slacking before heading into work and was able to play a couple of games. Even though I got pwned like the n00b I am, I have to say...I think this is a good game.

I had massive improvement from the first to the second map and my team mates were actually trying to help me not do Dumb Stuff rather than just yelling at me--a nice change of pace.

The game has had a rough launch. As I said last night, they seem to be suffering a bit of a Catastrophic Success, but they also seem to be working their way pretty rapidly through it (next, move stellar-impact.com to its own server/instance).

I have high hopes for this game and, while I don't disagree with some of the other criticisms, I also think that the eventual product will seem under-priced at $10/copy.
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Agreed, I've been having a great time with SI so far.
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I have to agree, like nearly everyone that had the stuttering bug, who played on regardless.

The game now is VERY stable for me now , no crashes/lockups and best of all no stuttering.

I think the devs have been marvelous in fixing these problems so quickly( I know people will say they shouldn't have been there in the first place, but hey ho).

This game is keeping me away from Wargame EE and that's no mean feat I just hope they make some good money from it, I love to try to support indie developers
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