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AC:R - Stuttering/jittery character s when walking

Don't really know how to explain it any better.. When Ezio or Desmond are walking it seems like they're sort of teleporting in place a lot.. Same for cutscenes (except the pre-rendered ones). It gets more noticeable from certain camera angles, too...

I can't really say the game as a whole is choppy - my FPS is fine and even then I tried reducing all the graphics setting to minimum - no effect (except for the bad graphics :P). Also, no crashes, no slowdowns, no nothing. Just the jittery characters.

My GPU is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275, with the drivers up to date. CPU is an Intel E8400 and more than enough RAM... Running Windows XP, btw.

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I had a similar stuttering issue, but it is due to Crossfire/SLI it seems. Basically, when the frame rate exceeded 60fps (with vsync on) the stuttering happened. When I had it under 60fps, it ran great.

My recommendation, try turning vsync off and see if the stuttering goes away. It worked for me, but I ended up dealing with some of the stuttering to avoid the epic tearing (picked the lesser of the evils I suppose).

Not sure for you though since you're running a single video card.
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