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Reserve fixtures

Hi. I've had this issue fr the last few versions of the game. I like to create my own club and start it off in a lower division. But whenever i do this my team does not go in to the reserve groups for that country. I dont get an option to enter the reserve team at the start of the season yet my under 19's etc all get entered into their league automatically. At the start of the 2nd season i do sometimes get an invitation to the reserve league but even if i accept it i dont get any reserve fixtures. I thought this might be an issue with user created teams so i tried taking a team thatwas already in the league i wanted to play in and which has an active reserve team and fixtures. But when i make anychanges to that team in the editor like name, kit colours, stadium and so on. The reserve fixtures just disapear. My game is building a team up from nothing so the reserves are important for youth development so its a pain to lose access to the reserve league. I know i can create friendly games for them to play but that takes up a lot of time. They get cancelled a lot of the time when there is a bit of fixture congestion and sometimes i just forget about them so its not ideal. Does anyone know how to resolve this?
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I'm not sure and I could be wrong but I think your team has to have a certain level of youth facilities or the board has to have previously been involved in order to qualify. I can't remember which team it was but when I started the youth team wasn't in the league and they had rented facilities - I upgraded the facility and the following year the board insisted they take part. I'm not sure if it was the upgrade or the waiting period that triggered it.

Gloucester's youth squad doesn't start out in the youth league either and they have rented facilities as well. Not much help but it may explain why...

Edit... Just noticed that you said it was only the reserves. Must be a bug - I'd report it at the SI forums...

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