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Thanks, and good luck! (I was starting to wonder).
I'd really love for this game to run well as it's obviously fun, I just can't experience that aspect of it in its current state.
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This game is not one of the best shooters, it's the best. There are wonderful worlds with giga beasts. Challenge mode is also the hardest I have ever played. I am very impressed dear Sirs from PomPom!
There must be follow up levels in the future!

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Originally Posted by BongPig View Post
We're sorry this game has had so many performance issues,=. We have been beavering away trying to get of the bottom of it. We've managed to sort out the performance on many PC's but clearly there are problems still.

We have not given up... we are just finding it difficult fixing the issue.
Thanks for sticking with it. I was pretty sure you all had given up.
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i5 3570k @ 3.8ghz
GTX 670 Gigabyte Windforce OC edition
8gb ddr3 1600mhz
Samsung 830 SSD
Win 7 64-bit

During the first stage fps drops to 30-35 @ 1080p when the spinning enemies spawn. Drops to 20's soon after. Reducing the quality/resolution didn't help a thing. No difference on full screen/windowed. Ran the game straight from the folder with admin rights, disabled steam overlay. No effect.

Mutant Storm Reloaded and Alien Zombie Megadeath ran fine, why doesn't this one?

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Hmm, all the systems listed absolutely destroy my laptop, which runs the game all right at 1280x720 (framerates rarely if ever drop below 40).

1.3GHz Core 2 Duo
Intel 4500mhd

Now if only I was better at the actual game...
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