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QoS - Demo vs Retail


I'm thinking of grabbing QoS, so I decided to download the Demo via Games For Windows Live.
I installed the demo, launched the game and immediately noticed the opening boiler-plate video clips were stuttering every 1-2 seconds. This stuttering continued until I got to the main menu, and continued throughout the demo.
I also want to point out, the gameplay between the stuttering is fine and playable. However, considering the stuttering is every 1-2 seconds, it makes it very hard to play it this way.

I tried tweaking the video options on the lowest settings and the stuttering still exists.

My questions are: Considering The demo is version 1.0; does the retail version (1.1 or 1.2?) suffer from any of the same stuttering problems or fix the problems?
Has anyone played the demo with a negative experience but later played the full retail version without any of the described problems?
[I am aware of the 30 fps cap, but I don't think it explains the stuttering].

computer specs:
i7-2630QM [quad core]
GTX 460m 1.5 GB DDR5
6 GB 1333mhz ram.
[It's a gaming laptop; I can play games from Crysis 2 on very high, to bad console ports like LA Noire on very high settings; I can usually play any game on very high settings no problem].

Thanks and looking forward to the feedback.

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