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Question So, who else was really disappointed by the game?

I'm a huge fan of classic 2D jump and runs and I loved the idea of the 3D twist of Sideway NY. It looked like a slightly less ambitious and more action oriented version of Fez.

So I was really excited when I first started playing. And everything looked great, the presentation was really solid, the gamepad controls - while not perfect - good enough. So there was no reason not to enjoy this game ... until I played it and quickly got really bored.

I don't mind the rather lackluster story, a game like this doesn't really need one.

But the level design is dull, boring and repetitive. The entire 3D/2D dynamic is almost entirely wasted - there are almost no clever puzzles playing with it. The camera angles just make the game less fair at point ... leaps of faith suck when it comes to platforming.

Maybe later levels will be better, but I almost lost all desire to continue exploring ... despite the great idea and otherwise solid execution.
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I'm just not a fan of the mouse and keyboard controls... Haven't gotten around to changing them yet.

Shame I have to use the arrow keys to navigate the menus though :\

Edit: but other then that, Im really happy with this game. Its been on my wishlist since it came out.

Its kinda funny, When I get to the level in Jamaica, I was on oovoo with my friend and was like "Oh, I'm in Jamaica now..." and he started talking in a Jamaican accent, so I said "No... The Jamaica east from us..." and he said" Oh... That Jamaica sucks...":

Pretty funny, if you live in NY :P

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I'm a bit disappointing. The game is good. I really like the idea about 2d in a 3d world, and the graffiti style is cool. But the game also have some problems. Movement, especially jumping, feel a little bit too floaty for a platformer.
Also, I think it could have benefited from a tiny bit of color coding in the games environment. Everything is colorful that it easy to not notice some spikes or a few of those thing that you must collect + A grayish background could make the neat graffiti art pop out a little bit more.
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Originally Posted by TheFlyingDill View Post
I'm a bit disappointing.
To others or just yourself?
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If you think the controls in this game are too "floaty", go play Cave Story for a bit. That might change your opinion.

I like Sideway so far, but I'm a sucker for brightly-colored platformers anyway. I'll probably play this one through to the end.
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I liked the game, but I agree that it barely use the 2D/3D mechanics for puzzles. In fact, the game is so straight foward that it reminded me of the original Sonic games from Mega Drive. You just hold foward and go dealing with the enemies and jumps on reaction until the level ends. It´s a fun ride with great visuals, but nothing that will rock your world or anything.

Loved the art, although it would have looked better if the "real" buildings and city had realistic textures and style instead of the same cartoon feel of the graffitti.
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It's definitely not something that re-invents the platforming genre. (There are times when it almost feels like it's trying to channel Donkey Kong Country, actually.) I, too, would have been kind of annoyed it I'd paid the full $10 for it.

There are definitely some elements that lack some polish:
-It is offensively ludicrous that you have to sit through each boss's intro sequence each time you die. Someone desperately needs to get a clue.
-The story elements pop up unexpectedly and are too easy to dismiss by accident before they cab be read. Most platformers use some kind of visible "signpost" or "communicator" for this kind of purpose, but Fume just pops up out of nowhere. [No doubt his Mysterious Origins will be detailed in the sequel.]
-Play control with "airtime" (when you fly around as a cloud of paint) is just strange and awkward.
-It's really kind of annoying that in a game that's mostly all about collectibles that there's no way to backtrack. Sure, you can always press Escape and select "Return to Checkpoint" - provided you haven't already passed another checkpoint.
-And speaking of which, why not record the percentage of tags collected along with the number of unlockables and secret tags? It's possible to extrapolate generally from the score, given that 100% provides a 6x multiplier instead of a 5x, but why bother hiding it like that? To avoid pressuring the player into feeling obliged to 100% each level? If you're going to try to hide something like that at all, you're going to need to hide it more carefully than that.

I'm afraid if it wasn't for the pretty cool graphical style, there really wouldn't be anything here worth noting at all. As it is, it's just barely worth it.
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I'm pretty disappointed as well. When I first launched the game I was really jazzed because of how unique the style was. It was something NEW and it was Indie; two things which I adore in today's gaming venue.

However, I got very bored very quickly, just as you did. I'm not sure how to explain why that is, because you could argue that a game like Super Meat Boy (which I absolutely loved to bits and played in it's entirety) is very repetitive, and yet I enjoyed it.

So, not sure exactly what it is, but I agree, I'm bored with it now and will never finish it. It was fun for the lil' while I had it, though, and considering it was a humble bundle I'm not gonna complain about pricing or anything of that nature.
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