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What Does Steam Do

Hey guys lately in MW3 Ive been seeing a lot of this....


Im just wondering does steam do anything to remedy this? Or is MW3 a lost cause? If they do anything please let me know, reporting them sometimes isnt enough and I'd like to play my game in a fair environment.
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steam is a service/software developed and run by valve.

what is that game developer gonna do?
I know , they will make a new version of the game soon and make you pay 60€ again.

you buy better games it is the best solution.
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Tito Shivan
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You better ask IW why they choosed an anti-cheat system that works on a delayed basis with a game that lack the tools to deal with cheaters on sight (no server admins)
Remember that the next time you want to spend $60 in one of their games.

VAC catches them eventually. But if you really want, i think IW takes reports via their twitter account.
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Valve let VAC deal with cheaters. It has a delayed ban system so the cheater will end up with a ban in some time.

That is all.

Information on VAC and our Steam forum rules. Please follow the rules, it ain't hard.
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