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(TF2 forum) Less restrictive trade forums

As it is right now, the trade forums seem to stand against everything I saw that drew me towards steam. Steam was fast, efficient, and got what I needed done when it counted. It had everything I needed: it was usable through a website and could allow me to join games with friends, regardless of the game, all from one interface. Steam is largely the reason why I am still a returning customer.

I have played Team Fortress 2 since it was free and upgraded to premium. Like many others, I was interested in the trade going on in this game. The minieconomy (which I later learned was valued at several tens of millions of dollars total, not exactly mini) that I came across was amazing. But the trade forums, especially now, do not do anything to promote it.

I would like to say at this point that I understand many of the restrictions the trade forum puts on its users is for their protection, be it against spam or scammers. However, I respectfully disagree with the degree forum users are restricted.

My reasons for this are the following: We are allowed one thread per day. This is reasonable enough, except when paired with the next rule: It is forbidden to bump threads. And another rule: Do not repost the same thread. This means that if I were to try to sell an item, I would have exactly one shot at it. I can post the thread about that item one time, and if it ever makes it past the first page of threads, it is gone and I have lost my chance to sell that item. I cannot repost the thread (which is ridiculous I know, but it is part of the problem as I can also not bump my thread.)

There are forum users getting banned for bumping their thread. This should not happen. No trader in the entire community of TF2 would agree that the trade forum rules are a good idea. The regulations are too strict. Please allow forum users to bump their own threads. Put yet another restriction on it, I don't care. Make a bump button that can only be used once every hour. But do something. The forums as they are right now are unusable, unfair, and unappealing to traders who could and should use another trading site. Please take the time to consider improving your own trading forums.

Here is an idea of how ridiculous it is getting: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=2667032 This thread was locked because some other user decided to bump it. Now what can the guy do? Nobody can respond to his offer. He cannot repost the same thread, he cannot bump his thread, he could not have bumped his thread, his trade is over and he will not get what he needed. Is this an example of a good trade forum?

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