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Disciples 2 Blank on Load *fixed*

Steam support didn't help me, Disciples support didn't help me, all pretty god damn useless. Posting here in case anyone else has this issue of loading D2 with windows 7 64 bit.

My 32 bit win7 ran it fine, and I racked up a ton of hours. Once switching to 64 bit on my new computer I was unable to play. Nothing worked, except switching my computer to 16 bit color. Pretty ing annoying to do it every time I want to play, but at least I can play now.

Unlikely we'll ever see it fixed.
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I don't think you have to change the colour setting.
Just disable the In-Game Community, that should do the trick.
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If you do as suggested above the game will run.
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Had the same problem - turning off steam overlay did the trick. Thanks!
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