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I love this game, and I've clocked 60 hours in it so far, but I have to agree with Explodingjesus - It's been a looooooooooong time since they announced any dlc. To be honest, I haven't touched this game in the past few weeks simply because I've so overdone the current heists. EJ isn't bashing the game or anything, he's just issuing a sentiment that I think many of us have, and we're all fans of the game. If we weren't we wouldn't be impatient for dlc to come out
Regardless, good work Overkill, keep being awesome.
Just maybe, keep being awesome faster
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i don't see how a true fan could be done in 60 hours. Regardless of there only being 6 heists. Sure, you could be done everything trophy wise or whatever in 60 hours. But, most of the fun to me has been meeting new players and leveling them up and building a HUGE friendslist of good players. 200 hours and counting. 6 vastly different heists is incredible for 20$. I know you guys aren't talking bad but i think your missing out an a lot of good hours.
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