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Question **[Anno2070]** Using all factions in same game? where/how u place the cities?

I was wandering, ill use my scenario im in:

-im eco and understand that when u get to tier 3 techs are available and tier 4 tycoon become available, or otherway round.
-im using one island to build my eco up now....

-can i use tycoon and techs in this same game [meaningfully that is, properly]. I think it took me 2 eco cities to get amount of tier4 ppl i wanted, is it ok to use techs or tycoons on same island?

-basically how to ppl combine other factions into same game, 1 faction per island? All on same island? Is one city enough for the other factions?

If people can let me know how they use more than 1 faction in a game pease id be so grateful. Most of all, using them in the most effective way possible also ie getting max population.

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- Hi, you can develop tycoon, ecos and techs in the same game with no problem. There aren't any disadvantages on doing so. You can put them all on the same island, but you will have not enough space to make their cities big.

- I tend to concentrate on the ecos and techs, but once I had to make them all on the same game for some achievements and the most effective way was to put the ecos and tycoons in different islands. The techs you can put them on either island, since they take almost no space.

I only develop the tycons to have their technologies, but after that I usually just demolish everything. The problem is that with all their needs you will need too many little islands for production, I prefer to make it simple and only concentrate on the ecos.

If you still want to make them in the same island I suggest you download Anno 2070 Assistant v2.0. They have some good layouts that combine ecos and tycons on the same space.
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Just play with seed number 33133, 23161, 18342 or my current favorite 31648. Set the map and islands to large and resources to many. I have all 3 civs, with 2 monuments and 20K population on a single island. I just use trade routes to import everything. Currently at $12-mil, $3K surplus tax income with 4 hydro dams and all occupied islands at 500+ eco. Start with Ecos t hen add techs then tycoons. Preplan your cities and you'll be fine.
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I normally only build colonies of whatever faction I start with, unless of course the mission I'm playing requires building the others. I do have a continuous game going where I built them all though, all on separate islands. Some of the achievements actually require building tycoon and eco stuff on the same island.

But as far as which way is best.. meh, I dunno. I prefer separate islands because it looks cleaner and because I have an easier time setting up trade routes when I know I can ship all my plastics (for example) to 1 island and forget about it.
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If you want to go for large populations of each then build on separate islands. I do quite enjoy building them all on the same island and seeing the mishmash of architecture collide with each other though. I think one of the achievements if having both eco and tycoon monuments on the same island and another is a having the TV stations on the same island.

Granted you can probably smack them down on the same island while having the other two civs on separate islands but that just isn't as much fun.
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