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portal display issue

after a few month of portal less playing experience, i wanted to pay glados a visit last week^^
unfortunatly, the game no longer display correctly my portals...
i cannot see through them!
blue portal keeps displaying the wavy forms weither or not an orange portal is placed! (same thing for orange portal)

i cannot rememvber all i've changed on my computer (software or hardware) since last time the game worked fine; but i'm pretty sure my graphic cards drivers are the latest available (Geforce 7300GS).
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Recheck the drivers, first off. Or, alternately if you HAVE the current version (ie: it says it doesn't need to upload) try rolling them back to a prior version. It might just be that it's conflicting.

There are a couple other threads about things like this, so try searching them for help too.
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In the video options for the game itself, look for the option "Portal Render Depth" and make sure it's set to a value higher than 2.

Sometimes the game sets this to 0 for some reason, and that's how you wind up with opaque portals.
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I had the exact same problem. Also played Portal again after several months. I could hardly believe that it had to do with drivers, since the portals show genuine graphics, not just black.

But guess what, I downloaded some older drivers and found older ones that work. And since I also have a Geforce 7-series (7600GS) I'm pretty sure it'll work for you too. Go to www.geforce.com and go to Legacy & Beta Drivers. Then select the 7-series and you'll get a list of older drivers. The one you'll need is 285.58 which is the most recent WHQL version that still works for me. When installing I chose Custom and selected Clean Install.
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