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advice for a noob on ships.

Im leaning on the frig just for how I think it works. I am also interested in the support ship and maybe a long range threat like the dread or arty.

So load outs for skills is what im trying to figure out. Say for the frig is it worth it to have the stealth skill and try to work as a stealth debuffer? Maybe throwing torps or missiles out from stealth while placing trackers or targets on their ships?
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When learning the game, I heavily recommend support.
Remember that the defense turrets can not only be used for their attacking abilities, but also to block a missle/torp (ie place one down after it has been fired to block it).
A good tactic for support is to pump range and fire rate - that way you can sit on your repair turret and snipe from a distance.
The radar beacon is also very useful for this - place one near your turret to give you extra range and one as far forward as you can get it to spot enemies early who are coming your way.
But the single best piece of advice I can give you is to join the official TS3 server.
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Frigate is a very supportive ship, so use that at your advantage. I would recommend scanner or tracker and radar beacon (that you have to upgrade, tho, and not place in the mid of the fight, where they can receive a random shell that will take it down)
In small games, frigate is not the best pick, mostly because you miss allies to support. You run in the risk of having not enough DPS
I would say you need a good attack skill or two for smaller games. If you have tracker, consider using missile. Not only can you use it to farm (fully upgraded, it even hits inside the force field), but you can use the fact that you will not lose sight of your enemy to hit him from quite the range. Also, upgraded tracker does damage as well over a long time.
Not sure about stealth. I don't really see the frigate as a viable "close range" ship. Better use that radar to the most, and poke at the enemy from outside their vision
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As frigate, scanner is almost a must for the early 30% damage bonus to team, though as mentioned it's more useful the bigger the game. In brawls it's pretty amazing.

I like having torpedo on the frig as well, with the scanner it's pretty devastating, great for practicing with torp aim too. Unfortunately its a TL12 before you can max it =(

For random custom games I sometimes pick stealth, unorganized random team rarely have consistent counter to it, it helps set up your torp and as a getaway, watch out for ballistic tracking. There's also been numerous occasion where I ghost into their backside and take out their arty.

When I get my frig to mk4 I'll probably add a max shockwave to the mix. Though already I'm mixing a team support with a close torp role =3 Maybe I shouldlevel a corv instead for a pure close torper

Edit: I'd also second the starting with support ship motion.

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Remember that the heavier the ship is the harder it gets punished for mistakes. Dreads and Carriers have about zero chance to retreat from a battle while corvettes can bail at their own leisure (and lighter ships rely mostly on their shields which regenerate at 100hp/sec compared to the single digits of the hull). The destroyer is a very good compromise of maneuverability and damage output plus it focuses on attack skills which are fairly easy to use.
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I've got my support ship almost to Mk3 now and I feel in the perfect position to comment on that part of your question because I'm noob enough to give noob advice, but experienced enough to have a right to speak.
so for what it's worth, my suggestions for the support are:

-skills: defense turret, repair outpost, mine, backup generator - invest (at mk1) def, rep, backup, def, def. if you are in a long, 5v5 or 6v6 match save the last point for your heavy turret ultimate skill, otherwise put another one in either rep or backup (and both once you get the mk2), if the match goes on long enough and your team mates are pro enough to unlock the bonus skill point from the faction upgrades, you know what to do
-loot: the first loot you want is medals. at least three, four are better. reduced cost for weapon and hull upgrades plus additional CP per second are killer mid- to late-game. after that I suggest a turret of your choice (I'm going with plasma, which is aoe and awesome for creep killing, also great is disruptive which slows your target down), flat damage increase for ammo and armor increase for hull
-upgrades: turret damage, armor, armor crit chance or turret range depending on the enemy team, hull, firing rate (in that order of importance)

taking the skills defense turret and repair outpost are no-brainers I'd say. they are far too useful not to take and no team is complete without them. three def turrets backed up by a repair outpost can not only fortify a position well enough to give your team time enough to react in case of a raid, they also make for an excellent fall-back position in case a skirmish goes awry (so long as you built your little bunker close enough to the front). that said, don't be afraid to plonk down a def and a rep away from the base if the situation calls for it, say a gank turns into a grab. also either turret can save your life in case of a strategic retreat. if somebody is chasing you down and they fire rockets or a missile at you, they will come in a straight line, and dropping a turret in that line of fire can keep enough damage from you to ensure your safe retreat, plus if your pursuer is in a bad state they are likely to abandon their chase in favor of self-preservation if suddenly faced with a rocket-spewing turret.

mines are not as powerful as they should be, but they are great at stripping shields, they can make less experienced players panicked, they can finish off a hurting ship, and with even a single skill point invested they reveal their most valuable characteristic: they slow the enemy down. again if chased by a ship of comparable speed, putting a mine down right in front of you will make it go off just in time to slow your pursuer and give you some space to breathe, they also ruin unit cohesion if used ahead of time (say a capital ship is approaching and through the nebula a destroyer is trying to sneak up, a well-predicted mine can slow the destroyer down enough to spoil the ambush).
all that said, if you were to switch out any skill from my loadout, I'd say switch out mine. just make sure whatever you get is effective with zero or one skill points invested (i.e. not torpedoes, missiles, rockets)

the backup generator instantly regenerates shield, and a lot of it compared to your total (as you noticed I do not usually take shield upgrades), but they are most effective for their ability to siphon off the shields of ships in your vicinity. since I have also not said anything about upgrading shield penetration, and people tend to freak the hell out when they see the ship they are attacking back to full shields while their own are depleted... it's good. emergency repairs are not really required since you have the repair turret, and it does quite a decent job.

as for in-game, be a coward early-on. you're big, meaning a good target, and you're squishy. don't go alone, thinking you're a pet-class with your turrets and mines. on smaller 3v3 or 4v4 maps, which is what I play the most, you usually have only one warp. make sure your team gets it, then fortify it immediately. same rule goes for you as for every capital ship: don't overextend. yes, you may be able to take down that carrier that is limping away. but more likely than not, you're not seeing a destroyer currently coming your way, and then you will just have fed them. also, it's okay to run. if your team is off elsewhere, your skills are all on CD, you have no fortified position, maybe your shields are down, and you see some squad ships coming out of the nebula (thanks everyone for using those, I can't tell you how many times seeing them coming out of a nebula ahead of their ship has saved my life), you run. assess the situation, the ship you initially saw will either pursue you or go for the capture of whatever you were resting on, while any other present ships will most likely do the other of those two jobs. if the ship you saw starts capping and nobody else is revealing themselves, and it's a ship you are reasonably sure you can take on your own, go for it. otherwise it's not worth it.
move smart. for one, your turns are slow as hell at full speed, but your turn speed can keep up with an un-upgraded corvette while standing still. also, there is value in being a moving target, but especially later on when you are no longer squishy and have a bit of range it is -much- more important to have your opponent at your side. if you're on a point and a sassy little corvette comes out of the nebula, don't immediately start your engines, turn your broadside to them and open fire while staying still (note: if they have torpedoes, pop a turret in their path instead of running. you are too slow to get away in time unless their aim sucked). if you are playing cat and mouse with another capital ship just stop and turn your broadside on them. you don't have a lot of frontal damage output like ships with missiles and rockets do, but you have a great number of turrets in total and your broadsides are absolutely devastating late-game. but still, even then, as a reminder: don't overextend. with full armor plating, full hull, full turret damage, and so on you are a total badass. but not invulnerable and three guys going for the gank can put your lights out right quick, so always be prepared to fall back, remember the defensive uses of your turrets and mines, and try to use your broadsides.

try to stay in the lane, but do some shopping once in a while. experienced moba players will likely go "well d'uh", but just to make sure I point this out. as a support ship you are singularly well suited to stay in the lane for a long period of time because of your repair turret. where others would have to pop emergency repairs or limp back to base, you have a mobile repair station right in your pocket. if you place it well you may even be able to creep while sitting in the rep turrets circle of influence, and isn't that nice? but at the same time, if you never buy upgrades (for which you need to be either at the base or the warp gate if your team owns it) you will quickly become ineffective and will die in a situation where otherwise you would pwn. my cut-off point is usually between 1000-1500 CP.

that's all I can think of off the top of my head.
I'm sure not a single thing I said stays relevant once you go up against mk5 ships and organized regular teams, but for now at lower levels and against random groups I'm really doing quite good for myself and enjoy the game and my support ship immensely.
hope that you do too.
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I started the game today and feel very comfortable with a frigate. I would suggest you Frigate, destroyer or cruiser for the first few games.
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Also frigs are very useful when supporting artillery or other long-range ships since those aren't good at establishing LOS themselves. Disruptive turrets are also very nice on the frig since the light rear turret lets you slow pursuers more than heavier turrets would. Oh and the frig has most of its DPS (well, a bit more than half but good enough) in the medium turrets that are front mounted so you can forego broadsides if you want range.

Tracker is very fun to use too with its upgraded form doing damage over time, makes sure your homing missiles and allied artillery stay on target no matter what while also delaying shield regeneration a lot. Keeps targets vulnerable for longer.
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Well... Having a Mk5 Cruiser, I would strongly recommend for new players not to take it.

1. From what I have noticed newbies are eager to get in action and kill! Well Cruiser is not built for that.

2. It takes time and experience to learn how to use your defensive skills not to only take damage, but to cover and save your team mates from taking it as well.

The easiest ship to master in my humble opinion is the Destroyer. It is a good all-rounder. Gives the Player a fun game with killing, evading, chasing and all other sorts of fun things you can do!


Corvette - A good, fast and interesting to play ship. A good one to start.

Frigate - Mainly a support ship in my opinion. (Not the best choice for a new player)

Destroyer - Well balanced ship. (Best for new players)

Cruiser, Dreadnought - Have very specific roles. Most new players will prove to be useless for their team if they start with these.

Artillery, Carrier - Good for specific maps where they prove to be useful. Also take time to master.

Support - Another good choice as a starting ship.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Stellar Impacts Dev Team and/or any other member of Stellar Impact Community.

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