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Carrier Build and Tips?

Hey I just got MK 2 with my Frigate, and I thought I would try something a bit slower. What is a good skill build for Carrier, and what items to go for? (Plus what helps the fighters like carrying a beacon for radar range?) Last any good tips for a new carrier pilot?
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Low mk carrier is a pretty tough choice for me. almost at mk3 with it so I'll share what newb thoughts I have on it, maybe someone else can give me some pointers too.

I'd say max bomber is a must, while the other choice is either a max drone (30% dmg bonus + best scouting ability) or max fighter.

For larger games or group brawls max drone is wonderful, and it works very well with artillery. The 30% dmg bonus is quite significant when you consider the massive damage of a maxed bomber.

For 3rd and 4th 0 point skill it comes down to preference, I'd be looking at a pool of quantum beacon, command aura, counter measures, fighters (farm, shield deny, decoy for bomber), priority target, quantum jump, em repair.

so basically my low mk carrier build:
1. Bomber max
2. Drone max (can swap fighter)
3&4. Pick from: Qbeacon, command aura, fighter, counter measure, Qjump.

The main problems I have with low mk carrier is that it can't fight well (it's a carrier after all) and it has quite a bit of downtime in-between your squad recalls especially if you maxed drone + bomber instead of bomber + fighters, it prefers stand-off engagement but lacks endurance (unlike say arty, which is also stand-off engagement but can keep blasting) though gaining the huge burst damage of bombers. It is also screwed by forcefield and support turrets. Finally its squads really needs 2-3 pts badly before it performs, make it's Tech1-5 a pain. I end up going a support role sometime (max drone, priority target, Qbeacon, 1 shot burst when timing is right ...etc)

Hull item I'd pick sturcture and/or engine, weapon I'd pick any of dmg/Rof/range, cannon... I really have no preference (I don't brawl much with carrier anyhow).

Pilot I'd definitely pick: high energy turn and slow resistance for navigation. For tech, either capture, escort, faction upgrade. For engineer, Hull discount, repair, maybe asteroid shield for some maps, the 2 extra crit system with a legend medal probably isn't a bad idea. For gunner... I don't really care too much, but a ballistic tracking I'd always have.
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Well thats just weird, i have just done a Carrier guide on stellar impact tournaments website.... and here is the link.

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Well I followed Blank's advice, I didn't take Drone I know it's more damage but I rather have ships that I can send out every 20 seconds (if you space them out) I found myself being mostly a node squatter. And supporting the front line with the air craft, if someone got close I used the assault pods. But key element here, I had a wicked awesome team that game.
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