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Originally Posted by Disc1ple View Post
This game is really nice, but why there is no controller support?
Rearrange the following into a well known phrase or saying

Adobe Flash multiplatform so cannot support native hardware and is equally and pointless on all of them anyway...
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Took me more than 7 hours (and that was after restarting a half dozen times), and I still can't finish the big boss - but I too loved every minute of it. If anything, this game frustrated me more than I expected, but rewarded me more too. I nearly gave up at around 25% until I thought to use my seeds and suddenly I was away. The Flash issues were kind of annoying (especially at a certain point about 3/4 through where I had to drop down to 'Low' quality) but not enough to keep me away.
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Really cool game

It's an awesome game, I am enjoying it. Looks really cute . And it's indie, so it's a new concept game. Right now as we speak try to get it on the "Indie Royale" a great deal on indie games bundles. :
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