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House Rules (trying to breathe life into the game)

Trying to make some new challenges to keep the game fun for me. Here's some I came up with:

- Play Ace of Vase, but smash all 3 right-most columns as fast as you can (not allowed to plant anything until all 3 are smashed) and win the round with the Wallnut, Plantern, and Potato Mine all planted and intact with no damage.

- Play Pogo Party with only the following plants:
Flower Pot
(choose mushroom plants for the rest of the slots, with no coffee bean, so they are truly useless)

Will post more here as I come up with them. Feel free to contribute your own. Hope these at least somewhat challenging and enjoyable.
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No sunflowers/sunshrooms is an interesting challenge for Adventure Mode. By day you have to get by with the free sun you get, by night you pretty much have to rely only on strategic puffshroom spam (and lawnmowers, usually). Having the doppleganger (puff shroom) available will probably be of great help during night-time levels, I didn't experiment with that.
I'm not sure it's possible to complete the game this way, but I have managed to reach the Pool levels.

One-shot plants only is also fun. Get through adventure mode using only 1-shot plants like Squash, Potato Mine, Doom-Shroom, etc... (coffee beans allowed, though, to activate 1-shot shrooms).
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Just need a new zombie type or a new plant type that will make ppl come back to the game.
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I'm playing through the campaign with the following house rules:

No walls (walnut/tallnut)
No plants that shoot projectiles/fumes/catapults/etc.

So, (for example) consumables, garlic, chompers, etc are fine.

If any zombie makes it to the end, (activates lawnmower, etc) you lose.

Also, I already finished a campaign, so the first 3 plants are chosen for you. If they violate the above, don't plant them.

I've made it to level 4-9 so far. Its tough but doable. I'm predicting that the roof level might not be doable, but we'll see when we get there.
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