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Arrow Steam Tools Released

Steam Tools allows you to do many things such as download your favourite teams demos, configs, easily edit and control your own configs, download and install custom GUIs at a click of a button and uninstall as well without affecting your games core configs, just have a look at the screen shots and details below.


Download: steam-tools.googlecode.com

Config Editor
This lists all configuration files for your chosen game and allow you to easily edit and save your changes. Features include easy to read syntax highlighting and the ability to create and delete configs.

Replay Library
Lists all the demo files in your game folder and display some basic information about each one. This is perfect for YouTube stars or tacticians!

Access professional players configs and event replays so you can mimic and improve your gameplay.
Download and install custom Maps and GUIs at a click of a button

Quick access to Steam functions on one screen
Broadcast Tool allows you to edit team names giving you a custom streaming interface.


Steam Tools is not endorsed by Valve. It is a personal project for software developer ned knowles you can follow him on twitter @NedKnowles. If you would like to contribute to the project send him a tweet or email mail at eknowles dot com.
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