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Red face Civilization V making me Pre-Load

I already have Civilization V downloaded. My friend came over, logged onto his account (he owns Civ. 5) and played it. Later, after he left, I logged back into my account and found that Civ 5 is now pre-loading. All 2.8 gigs of pre-load.
Anyone have any clue why it's doing this?
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You said your friend logged out and you logged back in. Did you try and close / restart Steam to see if that helps?

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to put it simply, you're semi-screwed. my wife and i have this problem and it occurs when two people play civ 5 on two different steam accounts on the same computer.

let me guess, you're missing your decryption key now? for people who regularly play on two accounts, we're totally screwed because there is no fix. one person will always be locked out. neither steam nor 2k have a solution for this right now.

as for you, you need to find your steam folder, delete everything except for steam.exe and the steamapps folder. this will not delete your games. then uninstall civ 5, reinstall, and then run steam.exe. it will rebuild your steam files.

and never let your friend play on your pc ever again. because if he does, it will happen all over again.

the cause of this problem is when the two accounts have a different number of dlc's installed.

here's another thread on it. don't read too much. it's 3 pages of nothing.

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