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Fail X
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UPDATE: Problem "solved". This time I put nearly everything in there was (except those items from the bonus mission) and left the studio via "save and exit". Pling! Got the achievement.

This achievement just doesn't work for me.
I found in the developer's forum this thread. In it it is said
The mega-collage requires you to use one item from every doodle, including the bonus doodle. [CORRECTION: excluding the bonus doodle]
So I took from all of the 24 main campaign doodles exactly one item and put them in my doodle. It didn't work.
Then I took from every doodle exactly one item without leaving the studio or saving. It didn't work.
What do I have to do to get that achievement? Is there any sequence to follow? Does it have to be a functioning doodle with bugs and a honey pot? Does the honey pot count towards the required items? Is there any restriction for only using one item from every doodle at all?

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