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Errors in the Steam Store publisher tags

I was experimenting with alternative navigation methods of the Steam store by visually mapping the content when I ran into a little oddity, these publishers are listed as separate entities on the store:

Microsoft Game Studios
Microsoft Games Studios
Microsoft Studios


I suspect this is an error and not simply a differentiation within Microsoft because it lacks consistency, you can find trailers and DLC listed under one name while the game itself carries another tag. I guess ultimately it's their responsibility, but shop keepers duty to keep the shelves tidy right.

Microsoft did rename its publisher arm to Microsoft Studios in 2011 and was formerly knowns as Microsoft Game Studios, this is assuming their former logo didn't intend the 2 crescent shapes to substitute the letter S, perhaps that's one of the elements that caused confusion.

I would suggest to move all the content to the Microsoft Studios brand, which funnily enough is only used for Age of Empires III right now, a 2005 game. Maybe then Microsoft can also be represented on the Publisher catalog page.

There are a couple similar situations with other companies, for example including legal company form in one tag and leaving it out in another or using a shortened name when co-publishing a title so those might be intended unlike the Microsoft case I think.

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I wanted to give a heads up that this issue is still occurring, today's release of Toy Soliders is attributed to the none existing publisher, Microsoft Games Studios.

And 2 weeks ago the release of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet was published under the correct but since 2011 defunct Microsoft Game Studios label.
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