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Want to come back, need some help

Hey, haven't played 1.6 in a looong time, anyway since csgo is in flames (dead before launch) and css was ruined

I want to come back, but I've had a few issues since I've last played

First for whatever reason I need to manually launch my config in console (it doesn't auto launch my autoexec)

Second, vsync was enforced but I disabled it via control panel

Now mouse accel is forced (even though I have it disabled literally everywhere) and I won't be able to play at all unless I can somehow disable it, even using launch properties it still seems to be on

Also I need to know the proper net settings

I'm going to use (want to use)

cmdrate 102/updaterate 102
interp ratio 1
interp 0
rate 10000000 (scales to server max)

apparently though interp is ex_interp or something else, anyway if you guys can help with anything that'd be great, also unfortunate to see the server browser looks destroyed

Also I need to keep my fps locked @ 150, I can't seem to keep it when I go into open areas it drops to 120.. This shouldn't be happening w/ my rig, I understand the game is probably using one core but how can I fix this?

Also this game runs wack in windows 7 compared to when I was playing ages ago on xp

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I recommend you start by installing this hud http://www.cs-gui.com/gui/2022/sk+gaming+gui+2012/ , it has good net setting built in. I installed it and feels great.
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1. cmdrate/ cl_updaterate 101
2. rate 25000 = shouldn't even go past 25000
3. ex_interp .01 or .001 whereas ex_interp 1 is default but its considered cheap
4. fps_max 999 = usually makes it stay at a constant 100. In CS 1.6, I doubt you can make it past 100 since max you can get is 100 whereas in Source I think it is around 200.
5. I doubt you want to install something someone recommended unless you know for sure it is steam approved.
6. net_graph 3
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Originally Posted by sh4d0wr3c0n
ex_interp 1 is default but its considered cheap
Ex_interp 0.1 is default, not 1.
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