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Unhappy Misplaced Polygons

I decided to give Silverfall a try again. A serious effort this time, not just faffing about in the swamp, but an actual effort to get past the starting map.

So I start making a goblin -- why not? -- and as soon as I select him, half his face falls off.

He's got holes all over; even his shadow has holes in it. Every character looks like this now.

Maybe, I think, it's just some glitch in the character-select screen. So I go ahead and run the goblin. Lo and behold, everything in the game is glitched. Polygons are missing or stretch out to touch other objects. Sections of the ground look like a quilt. There are holes in the ground, with nothing but open air beneath. Every NPC, object, and building has these.

I've tried defragmenting, verifying files, and reinstalling. I can't contact the developer, as the company closed two years ago. Any ideas?
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