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FYI: How to deal with cheapskate Customers

We've all seen it. The little girl comes in demanding a bracelet, and no matter WHAT price we sell it for, she won't pay! Or that old man who is never happy with what we suggest for him.

Worse yet, sometimes you'll see lots of customers in the store, but none actually buy anything! What the heck!

The secret, my dear friends, is that each customer has a fixed amount of money with them. They WILL NOT be able to afford anything more than that amount, no matter how smooth your haggling skills.

The time when you have the biggest problem with this, is when they ask you for a suggestion. "I want a bracelet" she'll say. But she doesn't tell you how much money she has! Let me say now, that the Little Girls start with only about 550 pix on them. So if they want candy? Don't offer them a candy apple. Don't offer them taiyaki. They can't possibly afford it.

If they aren't buying items in your store, it is often because they don't like the items you have, or simply can't afford them.

Exception: If you display an item in the store window, the customer may see if and bring in a little more money than normal to buy it. This is why you want to put your items that are a bit more expensive in there.

When do customers start bringing in more money? Easy, look for the HEART icon that pops up after you make a deal with them. The more experience you get from a given deal, the faster you get 'hearts' from the clients. More hearts means you can sell much better goods. A little girl goes from 600 pix to like 5000 after she gets the first heart! That's a huge difference!

So what to do? First, keep track of how many hearts each client has. I have a little notepad I jot it down in. Second, always have goods on display that are in the price range of different clients. That way they will actually purchase something instead of leaving without. Third, do not display items people can't afford, or that clients in the current timeslice don't like. The Vase you got from the Jade Way? Nope. No one will be able to afford that for a while, even if they ask for 'a treasure'. Keep it in the back.

Good luck, and Capitalism Ho!
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