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Server Name: Ants' server
Server Type: Building, Exploration, Zombie, Large World
Server Owner: Ants
Server Location: Perth Western AUstralia
Server Forum or Group Link: Nil
port: 7777
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Originally Posted by stabi View Post
Server Name: New Hope
Server Type: world 1; build, new characters ~ world 2; pvp, ctg practice
Server Owner: Badja
Server Location: USA;Tennessee
IP for the new toons world.
(must be mainly new, no gear higher than gold)

IP for the CTG practice
(must be new, mediumcore characters)

the server is set up for 2 worlds, ctg practice in one world, or from scratch characters on the other.

anyone who wants to start over check here. I want to practice CTG soon!

steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/terrariaMDB
What is CTG Practice? I don't think ive tried that mode.
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Server Name: OverZealous Gamers Terraria Server
Server Type: Building, Exploration, general play; Large world; TShock
Server Owner: Smithy, Phillgates2
Server Location: Australia
Server Forum or Group Link: http://www.overzealousgamers.com/forum.php

Server IP Adress: terraria.overzealousgamers.com
Server Port: 7777
Server Max Players: 16

Join us on TeamSpeak :
If you wish to do more than build; ie help out. Please contact us.

Respect the admins
Be civil & don't beg
Have Patience

We will protect buildings if it is requested, users have the ability to teleport to other players, use pre-set warps (even request new ones), protect their own chests and above all BUILD .

Please note, at this present time, the map running shall be replaced within the next few days, key structures will be copied over to the new one.

Any issues or suggestions, just come to the forums and we'll see what we can do

We are also on the look out for some more admins, mainly those from other Time-Zones other than australia

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Server Name: Hellbourneproject
Server Type: Building, Social, Events, Large world with Tshock and other selected server-side plugins.
Server Owner: Ep1s0d3
Server Location: S.Wales UK
Server Forum or Group Link: http://www.HellBourneProject.com/f

Server IP Adress:
Server Port: 7788

Server uptime: 24/7
Total Registered Users: 1642
TeamSpeak 3 Server: eurots6.gameservers.com:9198

  1. Respect the HGM, the GMs, The SHCs, HCs and Counsellors, These are all the admin ranks that have authority on the server.
  1. Register at Hellbourneproject.com/f, registering will help you get promoted, once you've been active for 2-3 weeks whilst registered you'd automatically be promoted to VIP rank, this is still a basic rank but your not obliged to maintain order and are entitled to do what you wish on the server.
  1. No Griefing or Excessive language, Griefing will get you either warnings or ban depending on how serious and Excessive language will have you either warned or temporarily muted, Terraria's a game for all ages so unless you know the exact ages and maturity of those you're playing with then please no unsuitable content in the chat.

Max Players 32, very stable server feel free to invite anyone you wish, the server experienced a prolonged downtime over the last month and so we have lost some popular interest, however we are now up to date with our plugins and the servers back up, expect it to be down perhaps 1 hour a week on average.

The Map is Permanent so far, we had a reset last week and Admins have Started to build up the spawn as well as their own housing, We'd love to have community participation in the design on the spawn zone, we've already started but some pixel art or impressive buildings would be great, admins rank SHC, GM or HGM can supply anyone with building materials for any purpose.

We Hope to see you Online, We're currently in the middle of getting new players and the server should hopefully be thriving once more some time in the next month, join early and you may find promotion is easier to come by, once the server is busy admins will be in demand.
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Edit: server is closing soon due to griefing

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Server Name: District One
Server Type:Sandbox, whatever you want. Building and mining.
Server Owner: Ep1s0d3
Server Location: UK, Wales
Server Forum or Group Link: HellBourneProject.com

District One has been online since July Last year 2011, and has accumulated well over 8000players. However due to the content of the game lacking and playability factor being low people get bored really fast and find some other new things to play.

We decided to shutdown for 3 months, but back up and advertising once again.

24/7 Server With GM ranks and more...

Friendly fun community with protection plugins store, and petition system
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Server Name:Armor PvP
Server Type:PvP
Server Owner:Zstriker1
Group Link:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PvP...13677055890126
copy and paste this link http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PvP...13677055890126 to see if the server is up.
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CJx101's Hamachi server

Hamachi instructions - ID = CJx101 PW = derp

Server name = Welcome tothe Jungle
Server type = Free build/exploration/pvp
Server owner = CJx101
Server Location = U.S.A.

Running tshock. Hours - 24/7 or whenever I feel like it.
will be accepting admin applications when I get an upgraded hamachi and figure all the awesome details out for tshock.
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Server Name:terraria true
Server Type:total vanilla play, new characters only plz. explore, find loot, have fun
Server Owner:Shepherd
Server Location:St.Louis, Missouri
Server Forum or Group Link:None at the moment, will update post as soon as I have one.

IP: port: 7777 no p/w

I made a server. New characters only please. Just looking to take on the big world of terraria with a couple folks. You can go off and do your own thing, we don't always have to stick together or anything. If I find some sweet double jump boots in a chest, I may keep them. BUT if I happen to find them again, or something equally as cool I won't use, I'll have no problem handing it your way. Plz no griefing. Honor system here. Don't let me down humanity. ^^

IP: port: 7777 no p/w
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Originally Posted by Budskee420 View Post
Plz no griefing. Honor system here. Don't let me down humanity. ^^
Prepare to be let down. I can tell you from bitter experience that no public Terraria server without plugins/protections/etc has survived griefing. I'd try 5+ years from now, when the game is old and forgotten and hopefully runs on whatever OS is the standard in that time, then you can try this.

The only way that works without bothering with the complex plugins, find friends you know from other games or real life, give them a password to the server.

This is going to sound mean and like a stereotype but don't play with teenagers. Every single one of them I've encountered in Terraria sooner or later messes up the game by breaking the rules or outright griefs/steals/behaves utterly selfish. I've only managed to play Terraria online with others who were 25+ years old. Coincidence? Tell that to the 20+ teens I've had to put up with. None have the patience to play in "new characters only" servers. They try to be sneaky by equipping hardmode accessories but are busted once they transform into a werewolf on full moon or turn into a fish when they touch water. ugh. If you don't like a server's rules, DON'T PLAY IN IT! Me and the admins had to kick/ban so many people (this on the 3 servers I've played in, the admins always made me a co-admin)
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SettlerZ Server - 24/7

Server Name: SettlerZ
Server Type: RP, Large World, Protected, Events, Community, 24/7
Server Owner: Robert Braveheart
Server Location: Canada, Ontario
Server Forum or Group Link: http://settlerz.moddingshack.com/

SettlerZ is a 24/7 Softcore Light Roleplaying Terraria Server, our objective is to create a balanced online world where characters can connect and rise to power. SettlerZ is simple, we are essentially a group of travelers who move from location to location collecting all precious resources. Once a month we will change worlds, and regular players will get there homes moved to the new world. Throughout the month weekly invasions and bossfights will take place, please check the Events tab for dates and times.

We Run TShock and have Protection for all your Items and Homes.

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Server Name: FreeWorld
Server Type: Large World, Enjoy the game, tshock is running for anti grief and protecting your buildings
Server Owner: me
Server Location: UK
Port: 7777

The idea is to just play the game, I make no rules, just dont cheat, or grief. Respect others, have fun.
This post is because terraria multiplayer wasnt really finished and theres no in game multiplayer browser. TShock again because the game multiplayer wasnt really polished...
Everyone can use /warp, try /warp list for a list of warp points... and /tp [player] to teleport to a player, this is because I think the walking esp in multiplayer is a bit much... if you dont want to allow people to teleport to you, you can /tpallow to switch between disallowing and allowing it.
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Server Name: CATS Featured World

Server IP :
Server port: 7777

Server Type: Biggest terraria community! 90000 user accounts! 60 Online daily! Biggest server in terraria!
Server Owner: Oscar
Server Location: World Wide

Forums: www.terrariaca.com

Apply to become an admin today!
We have tons of features to keep you fun and active all day!
Fight boss! Earn money! Free items! Everything is here! PVP~~

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Server Name: MAMS/Shadow Land
Server Type:All!!!
Server Owner:MAGmaoc12/ Marcos
Server Location:USA
Server Forum or Group Link:
not 24/7
no griefing
contact me if you want to play

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Server IP:
Server Name: Grassy Knoll, Dark Heart
Server Type:24/7, exploration, building.
Server Owner: Red
Server Location: United states, Missouri
Ports: Grassy Knoll - 7777
Dark Heart - 7778
This is a server with a special mod of my making. So don't grief.
Server Status: Online

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