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Platform Woes!

Seems that while i can make platforms i now cant deploy them as they dont show up in the Battlemanager?

Also when will i be able to upgrade my gunsa and armour on my navy Stations? Right now all i can do is build them and there modules and they fire basic Projectiles while i am using Antimatter on my ships!!!!
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To deploy platforms you need a naval base in the system. I don't know if we can select guns and such for stations as of yet but I hope it's coming soon! Along with ship retrofits!
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Finbar Saunders
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You can customize platforms with weapons and such but not stations, though i hear that this and retrofitting might be in the next patch expected next week.

Once you have a naval station built go to your battle manager and deploy your platforms and other defences from there.
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The number of available Platforms you can deploy is also dependant upon the number of Warehouses your Naval Station has, and the amount of Command Elements determines how many the computer will actively let you use during a combat situation.
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