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Resolution stuck in 720p

How do I fix this, tried changing it by the video file by hand, no difference made.
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I have similar problem. I can't change graphics settings ingame. Right now, all settings are set "high" (which I never set like this in the first place since my computer is 2 years old). When I try to change it to "medium", it gives me the hint that I changed settings and have to restart the game. But when I restart the game, all settings are still the same.
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Try deleting video.scr, start the game and it should create a new one.

And make sure you only have one monitor running as that's a known issue with this game.

If you don't want to disable or remove the second monitor, disable Desktop Composition on the game's exe (right-click, Properties, then Compatibility Tab) which will have the same effect.

EDIT: And make sure you have verified the game files via Steam.
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