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Cheater Busted!

Please read this. I saw a TH similar to this one, of a client reporting the use of cheats in CS Steam (en this case 1.6), and I'm here to do the same.

I'm admin in a community here in Argentina, and a friend of mine told me that there was a cheater in the KZ server of this community, so I join the game and spect this player who he though, was cheating. (this happened Sunday 22/04/2012)

As soon as I enter the server, this player jumped 266,945 units with scout (Long jump), which is NOT common in any server here in Argentina, or even around the hole world :


So I really suspected that he was, in fact, cheating. So I took 4 (four) sXe screenshots, to see how those pictures would turned out. All the pictures, turned out to be entirely BLACK, without the HID of the player or the IP of the server where the screenshots were taken :

Screenshot 1:


Screenshot 2:


Screenshot 3:


Screenshot 4:


After the first two screenshots that shows nothing but an entire black picture, I started recording a demo, to see if I could catch this player cheating:


[ Link for downloading the map on this demo (bhop_cave3) : http://map.oyunnetwork.com/maps/bhop_cave3.bsp.html ]

At the very beggining of the demo, you can hear the player "riquelme" saying "hace falta spectiar?" (translated it would be sth like "Do you really need to spect?"), then tecgez saying "ban? ._." and another one (gab) saying "miralo a bob ..." ("look at bob ..."), both of them speaking through say_admin chat.

Then you can see me taking 2 of the 4 sXe screenshots (my admin tag is "Atri0.- T! CS" in that community), and finally, he performs a Count Jump, jumping 273,870, which was what brought me here, to report him.

Stats of the 273 CJ:

Distancia CJ: 273.870025 Vel. Max.: 358.193237 (60.644) Prestrafe: (277.193) 297.548309 Strafes: 8 Sync: 91 Prestrafe Sync: 100 1 13.321 0.000 15.1 90
2 11.820 0.000 12.6 100
3 7.341 1.191 11.4 77
4 7.157 0.000 10.2 100
5 6.705 0.000 10.1 100
6 4.551 1.165 8.1 85
7 6.698 0.000 9.0 100
8 3.048 1.128 23.0 83

Yesterday, Wednesday 26/04/1992, he entered again to the server, so I spected him again, and recorded another demo :


[ Link for the map on this demo (cg_coldbhop_v2) : http://xtreme-jumps.eu/download.php?view.446 ]

It's a little bit longer than the other demo, because I was expecting him to perform a jump similar to a 266 LJ with socut, or a 273 CJ. Nothing happened, and you can see, while he's doing a run on the map cg_coldbhop_v2, that he's not THAT pro.

I think that's all I got, I hope that this player wont go unpunished, that's all I'm hoping by taking the time to do this TH.

Screen where you can see this player Steam ID:


[ " STEAM_0:1:48818389 " ]

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I know it's pretty long ha ha ha. Anything you have doubts of this post, or a link that doesn't work or whatever I can do or fix to clear any doubt, PLEASE, let me know.

PS: I apologyse for my english, i'm trying to improve my english skills . If anyone reads this and knows hoy to mention an admin or moderator here in Steam support, please do it because I don't want this to get loose, ty!

PS2: If this players receives a sanction, please let me know!

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I see your pain as admin.

VAC2 (offical STEAM HL1 engine anticheat) didn't has any updates for years, very easy to bypass or trick it.
Also, its still very common to make cheats for HL1 engine games such as CS1.6 (organner etc).
Your best bet gonna be to put on your server and 3rd plugins of AMXX or Server side anti cheat as EAC or Sclient.
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is my inet or all the pictures are black XD

well.. using cheats on CS.. the guy sincerity is the face..

i wish that the VAC catch him and block his account for cheater
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Thanks for the replies; yeah I don't know what else to do, I mean, I thought that if someone from steam support would see this post, he would I don't know, maybe ban the cheater's steam account, but that's an utopia, isn't it? Hahaha
I'll try updating mi server's AMXX, but I guess it'd be the same, cheaters allways will cheat, and it seems like if cheats became every time easier to find and to use without being punished, but well ..
Thanks anyway
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