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Game Difficulty: Change # of players

Many people complain about things like 180 degree turns, superhuman airblasts, extreme RL/GL direct hit.. what about:

Easy: Difficulty level of normal, but enemy team has 25% less players
Normal: Unchanged
Hard: Unchanged
Expert: Difficulty level of hard, but your team has 25% less players.

Or, just make it an option for those who like 1vs7ing or something.
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This is already possible, though you'd need to change some settings before adding the bots. Here's one possible scenario:

mp_autoteambalance = 0 (keeps the server from both restricting which team players can join)
mp_teams_unbalance_limit = 0 (even with the previous setting disabled, auto-switching during the match can still occur unless this is set to zero)
tf_bot_add <however many> <blue/red> <easy/medium/hard/expert> (you can now set up team sizes without interference)

Some other possible ways to do this:

tf_bot_quota_mode = "match" (this will ensure there are always N number of bots for each human player)
tf_bot_quota = <some number N> (combined with previous setting, this is the number of bots to match against human players)
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