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Post Patch Note - Big Patch EP5 in Beta


The Big Patch that will ship with EP5 is actually being beta-tested. As promised, I post the patch note on the forum, so you know what awaits you.

Things can still change : if you have ideas or propositions, you can post them here.

Some things can be undocumented or some documented things could not be in, but overall it should be 99% accurate.

Thanks to the community who did a great job helping us on this patch !

- Animations in battle are now played independantly, meaning that animations can overlap each others (even on a same character). This means that battles can now no longer be slowed by animations. This should increase drastically the speed of battles on a large majority of computers.
- Enemies now play all at the same time, increasing a lot the speed of the battles.
- Music no longer disappear when application lose focus (like ALT-TAB)
- Friends’ abilities icons no longer flickers
- Cooldowns and buffs durations are now always correctly refreshed.
- There should no longer be a strange “**NOTRANS**” message appearing sometimes
- Keyboard binds were not working properly on certain circumstances (if not all). It has been corrected. You can now use keys 1 to 9 to use abilities in battle. Base abilities are 1-4. There is no bind for abilities 10 to 12.
- There is now a keyboard bind for “save”. Just click on “S” to do an auto-save.
- Clicking twice quickly on a dialog box should no longer do the action 2 times consecutively resulting on (most likely) crashes or strange behaviours. [the problem still remains for the sleep button but is more tricky - we are working on it]
- Informations displayed over characters no longer disappear on reload.
- Buffs which had an incorrect 99 turns duration now have a duration set at “infinite”.
- A lot of important modifications have been done to restructure some old systems. This should not be visible by players but should increase efficiency of future developments, either by Inner Seas or by the modding community.
- Generally speaking, a lot of engine small bugs have been corrected, and a lot of small change have been made to interface. They are not all listed for commodity.
- We have improved the performances of the game a dozen times successively ; you should notice a strong difference between before and now, lag-wisely.

- You can now follow your steam achievements progression in-game. (pink messages in the battle logs) They are usually displayed after a battle for battle achievements.

- Skills snowflake has been reworked. Structure didn’t change, but lot of skills and abilities have changed. (see TALENTS part below)
- Some skills descriptions have been clarified.
- Branches’ names are now displayed on the snowflake
- Specialty acquired in the Ceremony is now displayed in the character sheet. (Deserter, Stranger, Adventurer)
- Steam Summer Sale & Compatibility with “Secret of the Norns questDLC”
- Imaginary Friend ep4 translation should no longer be broken.

- When they have MP, Summons always try to approach the heroin if they are support summons. (Imaginary Friend, Scent of Urd)
- When they have MP, Summons that are “passive” still don’t move. (Fortress, Echo, Fairy Tale)
- When they have MP, Summons always try to approach enemies if they are aggressive summons. (all other summons)

- Talents and talents description have been homogeneized between episodes. (they have always the same effect whenever you use them)
- Anticipation now has a minimum range of 4.
- Passive “proc” talents now display the right icon.
- All passive buffs to talents have been reworked to match the current changes. For commodity, they are not fully listed here.
- All talents that previously buffed Repulsion have been reworked. Now, they buff either Repulsion, Anticipation, Detection or Escape. List is below.
- Repulsion has no more “strange” buffs on the snowflake, so “Confinment” disappeared from episode 0 and 1. In Ep4, it now has a description closer to its effect.
- A lot of talents that gave passive buffs to attributes like dispel resistance or energy regeneration were hugely buffed (x2 or x3). Some talents became useless after that, so they effect were changed to something more useful. They are not all listed for commodity.


- Minor Oblivion now last 2 turns (was:1) and has a range of 8 (was:200) Talents that buff Minor Oblivion were hugely buffed.
- Sphere of Denial was replaced by “Rays of Negation”. This new ability push all enemies that are on the same lane as the caster by 2 squares and decrease their PM by 1. 10 PP, 3 CD, infinite range.
- Major Oblivion was reworked. It now decreases PP by 30 and PM by 10 on the target. Targets close to the main target (2 square) lose a 2 PP / 1 PM collateral decrease. All target affected are immediatly under the effect of Minor Oblivion on top of that. 10 PP, 10 CD, infinite range.
- Resilient Evil now decreases Blue Screen Damage Penalty by 25 (was:15), but no longer modify the number of time it can activate per battle.
- Truth is Elsewhere no longer increases PP. (only increases PM by 1) Higher tier inter-talents now increases PP by 5 (Augmented Reality) and 10 (Virtual) for a total of +15.
- Augmented Reality still buff Repulsion : the push effect of repulsion is increased by 1 square.


- Betrayal was reworked. It now gives you a different metamorphosis each episode (it’s always the skin of an enemy you encounter in the current episode). Each metamorphosis now give you a different buff (duration vary).
- Betrayal is no longer usable in Pyre Princess mode for both technical and balancing reasons.
- Far Away From All Of This was reworked. You now have to select a square where the enemies will think you are. The Distance Penalty will be calculated from this square. (if you move, the enemies consider the square selected is moving too) 10 PP, 4CD, range 5
- I Was Not Here effect was replaced. Instead of giving you a chance to be teleported, it now allows you to select any betrayal form from the previous episodes. (with the associated bonus)
- Doors cost was reduced to 5 baseline (was:8) with still a 1 turn CD. “Virtual” delete the CD and increase the range from 1 to 5, while the other buff reduces its cost from 5 to 1.
- Répulsion buff : lost of 2 PP


- Courage has been reworked : cooldown decreased to 2 (was:3), cost increased to 7 (was:6). Now teleports the players 1 square in the direction of the closest enemy. Use it wisely. Can be buffed to give twice the amount of willpower. (100% of the base willpower)
- Efficiency has been reworked : now gives Level/2 PP to every target close to the caster for 1 turn. (range:7) 0 PP, 3 CD. Can be buffed to reduce the area by 3 and/or to double the amount of PP granted to the caster.
- Disdain now act like a “bomb”: push all enemies close to the tile targeted 1 tile away. 1 square push, 0 CD, 4 PP, range unchanged.
- The new version of Disdain take “Inexorable” targets into account.
- Escape buff : cost reduced by 2


- Entertainment effect has been replaced. It now push all enemies close to the caster 1 square away, decrease their PM by 1 and heals all allies for a small amount. Range 5, 10 PP, 6 CD
- But I Have Many Friends has been corrected. It now does what the tooltip says, instead of just resetting the cooldown and make all heal more powerful under 20%.
- Escape buff : cooldown increased by 1, MP gain increased by 2.


- Good Intentions is now 3 CD (was:5), heals twice less the caster, and has a cost reduced by 4, making it more of a “heal allies” ability.
- Imaginary Friend no longer heals you back if you heal it. Instead it now has a close range healing spell which heals for a small amount. It also now has 1 MP. (was:0) The attributes buff and PP buff have been hugely increased to match the utility of the MP buff.
- Protector’s cost has been reduced from 8 to 6.
- Escape buff (not working as intended, will be changed in the next days)


- Fairy Tale now is 6 PP, 2 CD, 2 range. Can’t be buffed under 1 CD or under 3 PP.
- Song: Voluspa Creation no longer protect summons. Now is 6 PP (was:10), 8 CD (was:12).
- Song: Voluspa Winter was reworked. Summon 1 trap that deals MP damage to the enemy that walk on it, and protect summons close to the trap (2 squares) for 1 turn. 10 PP, 4 CD, 3 range.
- Detection buff : cooldown reduced by 1. Cost increased by 2.


- Absence summon no longer decrease maximum life. Deal damage instead. (10%) CD is now 7 (was:10) The absence ability, VoidWalk, has now a very close range (2 - was:5), but its cost is decreased and there is no longer a cooldown. It has 7 PP and the cost is 5.
- Perfectionnism and Scent of... exchange their place on the snowflake.
- The healing given by Perfectionnism can now exceed the maximum life of the summon, to a maximum of 100 times the level of the caster.
- Scent of... now cost 8 (was:15), has 8 CD (was:20), and no longer decreases the maximum life. Deals damage instead. (20%) They have 10 PP. They still can cast “Repulsion”, for 6 PP. Their Repulsion pushes 2 squares and decreases PM of the target by 1.
- Void Walker’s formula has changed : it now create a shield (which size equal your level), for each enemy hit by a summon ability. (Absence and Scents only)
- Detection buff : increase your intuition by your level for the battle duration, but inflict you damage equivalent to your level.


- Resignation and Training exchange their place on the snowflake.
- Training is replaced by “Waiting”. Creates a trap on the targeted tile. If an enemy walk on it, you are healed for 5 times your level and the enemy lose 1 PM. 7 PP, 1 CD, 5 range.
- Resignation increases damage taken by 20% and energy regeneration by 5 times your level.
- Understanding now costs 5 PP (was:10)
- Then We’ll Come From The Shadows is now capped at 3 turns. (+1 per meta-buff)
- Experience has been completly reworked. It now pulls an enemy 1 square. If the enemy is already next to the heroin, the remaining cooldown of Understanding is reduced by 1. 4 PP, no CD, 10 range.
- Detection buff : all enemies deals less damage depending on your intuition. (Intuition/10, 1 turn, non-stackable)


- Rebound has been completly reworked. It now allows you to rebound on the enemy selected. The more you are close to the enemy, the more the rebound. At 1 range, you are pushed 2 squares away. At 2 range, you are pushed one square away. 6 PP, 0 CD. 2 range.
- Finish Line heal has been doubled to Willpower x4 (was: willpower x2) 7PP (was:10), 7 CD (was:10)
- Anticipation buff : no longer has a minimum range, and cost 1 PP less


- Unaffected duration reduced to 2 turns (was:4), cooldown reduced to 5 (was:10)
- Cool Head cooldown reduced to 4 (was:6)
- Endurance bonus doubled to 2% each hit. (was:1%)
- Heart Of Ice has been completly reworked. It now pose a frozen trap on the ground. If an enemy stands on it, you can use Cold Heart again on it to reduces its PM by 3. Frozen traps never disappear. 4 PP, no CD, 8 range.
- Anticipation buff : decreases target move points by 1, but can only target in line.


- The Wall now cost 10 PP instead of 15. Base reduction increased from 2 to 6, which you make it less underpowered in the prologue.
- Another Brick In The Wall now has 10% chance to proc. (was:5%)
- Passive buffs have changed, and are now meant to be overpowered.
- Fortress costs 1 PM to cast. (a bug prevented it)
- Anticipation buff : 20% => 30% decrease damage


- The bug that made the game crash sometimes when Chaos is used has been corrected.
- Chaos cost decreased to 8 PP (was:10), 8 CD (was:15)
- Elsewhere cost increased to 6 PP (was:3), CD decreased to 2 PP (was:3)
- Repulsion buff : cost -1 PP

- All battles can now be retried.
- The “Fear III” battle in the seid was finally simplified. Its difficulty should now be more in line with other similar battles.
- Mourning III phase transition should no longer crash.
- XP loop on tilia/meikka with autosave is corrected

- the transition between EP0 and EP1 should no longer crash for those who doesn’t own the “secret of the norns” DLC
- Secret of the Norns DLC no longer crash when you want to retry.
- Random dreams should now never happen more than once.
- Three Roads should crash less.

- There is no longer a unreachable objective in the “Cold & Growls” battles. The objective has been placed somewhere else. Please excuse us for the long time it took us to correct this old and blocking bug, and please report us any same problem you encounter with same world resolution.

- Final battle now benefits from EP4 technical improvements (should no longer crash, take 2 seconds instead of 50 to transform into pyre princess, and should display HP of the shadow)
- You can no longer be one-shot by the “dins” (they one-shot your summons as intended)
- The bug where your Willpower could drop to 0 in one hit has been resolved. You should no longer lose Willpower without understanding why.
- You can now reveal to Teemu the real story behind Kaari, Elif and his wife, though you’re not likely to be loved for that
- Reima no longer XP loop
- Fredrik no longer XP loop
- you can no longer “climb UB the mountain”
- Secret of the Norns DLC no longer crash when you want to retry.

- Game no longer freeze when two or more inhibitors are killed the same turn.
- Ven no longer is on the boat if he is not in your group
- Correction of a graphical problem on the stern (entrance of the hold)
- Correction of the name of the ropes in the knots quest
- The second Peter no longer make the game crash when talking twice to him on day 3
- Valtteri and Marianna are no longer ubiquiting on EP4, day 9.
- Due to several screams on the forums, you no longer need to be huntress to achieve perfectly the knots quest. (but it still is easier that way) Other unfair conditions are still applied ;-)

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Have beta testers already been chosen?

What will happen when you use Courage on an encounter like The Hard Way, IV from the Prologue where there are no enemies? Will I still teleport towards the (friendly) Luminary?
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Originally Posted by Cymmina View Post
Have beta testers already been chosen?

What will happen when you use Courage on an encounter like The Hard Way, IV from the Prologue where there are no enemies? Will I still teleport towards the (friendly) Luminary?
Uh - well, to be honnest, the two questions surprised me.

Beta-testers are not "chosen" : I can give access to anyone that want to help. Currently there's not a lot of people - beta-testing is not really a fun thing.

As for Courage, well, that's a good question. I believe that if there is no enemy, you gain the buff but not the teleport. But I'll have to check.
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Originally Posted by Sea Author View Post
Beta-testers are not "chosen" : I can give access to anyone that want to help. Currently there's not a lot of people - beta-testing is not really a fun thing.
If you would like an additional set of hands for testing, I'd love to give it a shot.
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Originally Posted by Sea Author View Post
Beta-testers are not "chosen" : I can give access to anyone that want to help. Currently there's not a lot of people - beta-testing is not really a fun thing.
Typically, that's how beta tests in the game industry work: people are chosen either at random or by reviewing their credentials. Since you didn't ask for beta testers, I assumed that they had already been picked.

If you need more testers, all you need to do is ask. WV has many loyal fans, I am sure some of them would love to help.
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I will probably have some time off the next one or two weeks, so if you still need beta testers, i would be willing to join in Don't be mad for trying to break the game, i got some experience in that ;D
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Awesome changes, keep up the good work. Can't wait to see the next episode release.
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Perfect, this would fix my main problem with the game - the very strange slowdowns!
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Well, if you really are going to pick up beta testers here, then you can count me in.
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No fix for the menu rendering at 1024x768?
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Sadly, the game is ready to test but now there's some issues on the releasing side. You'll have to wait a little more. We are working on EP6 in the meanwhile.

I'll give the beta access once I'm sure everything is online and working fine.

Originally Posted by Goteki-45 View Post
No fix for the menu rendering at 1024x768?
I'm afraid this is something Winter Voices will have to bear until at least the end of Season 1.

It would be silly of us to make such a big change so soon. I bet you want the end of Season 1 before 2013. (and we want it to...)

A Sea Otter.
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I am also willing to participate in a beta test if you need any more people. I already have all of the existing EPs on Steam.

The list of fixes within each EP in the change log was very helpful. What about the old summer sale DLC? Is that expected to work post-patch, or no? It broke the game for some players who have it, and Steam doesn't give us any way to de-select it.
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when winter voices would be returned on steam?
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We are getting the game on steam right now. It should be available for testing next week - and for buying/playing as soon as possible.

A Sea Otter
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It should finally be OK.

If you want to help us test the game, please send me a mail at betatest[hat]innerseas[dawt]com, title "Winter Voices EP5 - Beta Test" with your steam user name in it and whatever else you might want to add.

Thanks !
A Sea Otter
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