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Major Issues With Multiplayer

As far as I can tell the only way to play multiplayer online is quickmatch, unless you play with just your Steam friends list.

Quickmatch puts you in a random game with other people that selected "quickmatch"... There is absolutely no way to choose any options. There is no way to choose to host, so half the time it's someone with a terrible connection so it's extremely laggy and they lose connection in the middle. There is no way to chose what level or difficulty, you can be level 50 and get put in a "normal" game with a level 1 where you could kill the whole level in 1 shot with your eyes closed, or level 1 and get put in an "insane" game with level 50s where you die in any hit. If you get put in a crap game, chances are you will keep getting put in that game again if you leave and select quickmatch again... Then your option is play alone or quit the game.

There is no chat at all. No text chat whatsoever... seriously, wtf? And there is supposedly voice chat, but after 20 hours played online I've never heard a single person talk, or had a single person respond to me when I used my mic.

Besides for these things, I love the game... They seem like such simple things to implement though, and such must-have no-brainers when it comes to creating an on-line co-op game.
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I agree with everything you said. Those are my only complaints with the game, and every player I've spoken to has said the same thing.

The lack of any text chat is very odd, but I suppose it was a console game where everyone has a headseat and can hold the chat button, and not many people have a keyboard. But for PC users it really should be made possible.

The multiplayer is pointless unless you have some friends and organise it yourselves.
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yeah man, this game is
- too lag...
- lack of text chat system =,=
- the voice chat sometimes doesn't work =,=
- need more achievement
- no stats record

please add and fix those problem for the next patch >_< please make it quick before this game getting negative thinking from other people >_<

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3 man team running Adventure 14, level 20 guy joins, game puts us back to Adventure 11. What?!
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Just give the option to choose to host or join a game, and a list of games you can join that are currently in lobby or progress online. There would be at least 50x more people playing online on PC, most that play online have surely already fled because of the way quick-match works.
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