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L4D2 modification questions.

Hi Steam Forums.
I am in need of a little assistance. I am building a L4D2 mod and have run into some snags. I have so many questions regarding modding and google results are starting to direct me to russian and chinese pages, so you know I have tapped the internet dry. Some will say I should use Sourcemod, but that is a last ditch effort if all else fails. I want to see if I can use what is available within L4D first before that.

Ill post some questions here as most are programming related, if these need to be in a different forum, please let me know.

General Questions:
-Is there no source code support for L4D2? When do these usually get released? (Thread below this just asked same question for TF2, so im assuming its same for L4D2)

-What is the full extent that vscripts can effect? It seems that they are meant for mutations and level play, but can these reach as far as weapon modifications? Ive looked in the vscripts thread and word searched for weapons or ammo_type, but havent found anything.

MDL Questions:
-Am I correct in thinking that the mdl's extracted from L4D2 are a certain version that does not have any support from CannonFodders Tool Set? These decompiled files will be missing some information and animations cannot be extracted?

-If above is true, can L4D accept new animations and older model versions? IE a model designed and rigged for CS:S would work within L4D? I am trying to develop my own animation entirely, but am thinking I can append the existing L4D animations with older versions.

Server Questions:
Ok this has been driving me mad. Please correct me if I am wrong.

It seems that if you are making a mod, you do not want to make a standalone campaign run through the campaign manager, as it resets all certain "cheat" cvars no matter what. An easy example is Z_common_limit. If i set this in hammer with a point entity, it works great with listen server, but campaign resets it entirely. Only way I can get the mod to work is in a listen server, but that is with cheats on. I dont want players to be able to cheat, so I have to run a logic timer every second that turns the console off. Even when that is the case, when other players join my listen server, it will ignore/reset very specific cvars even if they were working fine while playing on my own!

I may make this a separate thread as I dont think im articulating the problem well. Ive got way too many server side issues.

Weapon Questions:

I will be specific with this question because I think its the only way to get the problem across: I am trying to make a flame thrower. I am using the molotov as a base, and functionally, it works how I want, which is an area affect on the ground for a time period. How would you recommend that I do the following:

1) Have the player not throw the molotov. Not just animation, but the model in the players hand is the same as the thrown item. Weapon script has no effect if view or world model is changed. Also remove the "on button release" effect of it. Maybe instead of using molotov, use grenade launcher that creates fire instead of explosion? No clue.

2) Have a stream of molotovs with a cycle rate and ammo but still with a grenade dynamic.

I just dont know the balance of coding involved between the qc and weapon script. Can vscripts help in this case? It looks like they only affect the director and hammer entities.

3) would it make sense to use the Spitter dynamic instead of the molotov? If so, how can I have the survivors use the spitter attack as there is no weapon script for it and how can I get that spitter attack to spawn molotov flames or effect infected?

4)It seems most problems stem from AMMO_TYPE. How can I create a new one? Currently setting the molotov to AMMO_TYPE_GRENADE will give me an ammo counter, but thats it. I have been digging through the VPKs trying to figure out how new ones are created but with no luck. Best example Is the m60, which has its own ammo type. If it was in a DLC pack, then somewhere within the DLC content should be code implementing the new ammo type, but there isnt anything there.

Ill stop there for now as im foaming at the mouth. If you want me to break this up into individual threads, I can do so.

Here is the mod: http://www.moddb.com/mods/deathwing

Thanks in advance!
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Bummer, no love.
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theres no source code for l4d2 so the changes you want to do arn't possible
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Great, that answers #1. Any suggestions?
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