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~S~ All,

Just got this steam version of ship simulator extreme; I installed it to my C drive. It installed ok and I got the download from the main steam site. The directory and files look ok on my hard drive.

The ship sim extreme game shows up on my steam main page. I press play and all I get is the splash screen going on, like in a loop and the game never starts?

I am running Win7-64 bit, AMD-i7/3.1 Ghz with ATI-2 at 5830s in cross-fire mode.

Anyone got any solutions to get my game running?

Much Appreciated, Bluewolf
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You can try some of the fixes posted further down in the ship sim forum, do not try Ship Sim's own website their support is useless.

If nothing works then contact steam support for a refund, i tried EVERYTHING and thankfully i was able to get a refund from Steam support.

This game just does not work (i even tried a disc version i got for real cheap and it still did not work)
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I got the same problem, I just don't know which update package to allow the game to run normally.
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Crappy broken ship sim game again,,,

I havent had any luck i had a few computor it geeks that play alot of games on line and they was clueless,,,, i want my darn money back also ... that crazy keep paying for these games and they just dont care if it works or not...yes me too i bought the DVD version too ./..sucks to be me huh ,.,,

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I had same problem for months after SSE was working in windows 7.
I tried all the advice about the reinstalling from disc and the 3rd party redist physx DirectX reinstall reboot and etc... nothing worked even after reinstalling windows 7 and problem also occured on XP demo worked OK.
I found that this version of C++ vcredist_x86.EXE (there is also 64 bit version)is actually a security update from 6/7/2011 to the 2005 redistributable and addresses the exact problem with .dll having wrong path
this is the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update this is the only thing that worked for me download this http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downl....aspx?id=26347 or 64 bit version
#1 run it no need to uninstall older version or anything
#2 reboot
#3 now run unregister.exe from the Steamapps ship simulator extremes folder
#4 reboot
#5 run steam it will say 57% 71% initialising and bring you to input page for product key then you should be all set.
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