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Warband is great but has some shortcomings

I picked up Warband during the recent sale and after putting in 30ish hours I can say that it is one of the most engrossing PC games that I have ever played.

I hate the controls for it. When remapping them within the game I can't unbind commands that I'm not going to use. The game will not save my keybindings unless all commands are bound to something. I cannot, after an hour of Googling and looking through the game files find someplace where the keybinds are stored in plaintext where I can manually edit them if such a file exists.

This limited keybinding would be par for the course if this were a console port but since this is a PC exclusive game it's just really disappointing. In Source Engine games I can make complex keybinds that do virtually whatever I want them to. In Warband I can't even make Mouse4 open the command menu when held and close the command menu when released. None of the troop commands can be remapped even though I have enough keys to give one to each of them.

A dead zone/sensitivity setting per axis would be nice as far as mouse movement determining the directionality of your block or attack but that pales in comparison the the aforementioned remapping problems.

If there is a way to manually edit keybindings and I'm just too dense to figure it out let me know.
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rgl_config.txt - screen resolutions, window mode/etc. (not what you're looking for) at "My Documents\Mount&Blade Warband"

The closest thing to what you have in mind is in "\Steam\steamapps\common\mountblade warband\Modules" Look for the module (Native is the default module that comes with the game) and then peruse all the *.txt files. Most are written in Python and you have to modify these to get what you want. Definitely not plaintext. The game's hard coded into expecting certain things to be there. It's more simple to develop probably. No multi keybinds are supported as well (you'd have to rely on external macros/etc.) I use my mouse's macros to input 'key presses' for example. So instead of using keybinds in the game, I remap my keyboard and mouse... well I used to. I use the default settings for the most part.

Don't get your hopes up in getting help for this since most players seem content with the state of affairs. We found work-a-rounds or frankly, got used to it. I don't notice the 'shortcomings' at all.
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I hadn't really noticed any shortcomings (except having to redo the tutortial each time I start a new character but it's not that much trouble to do it).
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